Week (end) Agenda | 14th – 20th Nov

A follow up on the winter blues situation: things are going better! I don’t feel exhilarating but for now I got accustomed to the weather conditions. Truth is: the switch to the cold season made me panic. I’m no winter person but the only way to go is actually valuing this season for what it is, instead of wishing it away.  This means, looking at the things the cold season allows us to do, and embracing them. Being inside of a cosy pub drinking genever and talking to strangers. Getting a shot of adrenaline from the freezing cold outside, while you walk in the park. Observing the autumn colors carefully – writing about them, photographing them! Afterwards, going inside and drinking hot chocolate or glühwein next to a fire. Overdecorating your house for Christmas. Baking more cakes than you are physically able to eat. Inviting friends over to take care of those cakes. And most of all: dedicating yourself to doing whatever it is that you love. This last one is what really makes me go through the winter without getting all depressed.

And for all means, go outside. Go to parties, museums, cultural events. Here are my two cents for that matter. Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get weekly updates of selected events, please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, of course.

Mon, 14th, 19.30 | ✎The Open Draw Amsterdam Nights | Cinetol

Drawing. The Open Draw Nights are a real community that brings drawing professionals,  amateurs and enthusiasts together. Everyone is welcome to go drawing together! Great program to starting the week full of inspiration.

Tue, 15th, 20.30 | Witte Gei’t // Russell Swallow / Alex Hedley / Eva Dain | De Nieuwe Anita – free entrance

Concert. Three singer – songwriters (UK, NL), bring their tunes to the Nieuwe Anita. Music in the cosy atmosphere of one of the most cute cultural venues of Amsterdam.

Wed, 16th, 20.30 | Comedy Atelier | Comedy Cafe

Comedy. Every Wednesday, experienced and non-experience comedians cheer-up your evening with their skills. If you are one of those always in search for the next joke, you should give this one a try.

Thu, 17th to Sat 19th | At The End Of The Day | Academie for Theater en Dans – free entrance

Performances. Students of the 3rd year of the Academy for Theater and Dance present their dance-theater performances, and curate the whole festival. This is going to be the first part. Note that although it is a free entrance event, you should reserve your ticket in advance.

Fri, 18th – 20.30 | The Original Mezrab Storytelling Night | Mezrab – free entrance

Storytelling. I’m always so happy when it’s storytelling day at Mezrab, the classic storytelling evening, with fiction and non-fiction, professionals and amateurs, people from all over the planet ( and maybe some aliens as well). Home-made soup is going to be served by mama-Mezrab and the event is all donation-based ( except for the soup, which costs 5 very well-spent euros).

Sat, 19th – 21.30 | Happy 90s | Club Knijn

Party. “Sexy 90’s tunes alternated with a lekker old-school-happy-hardcore-number”, that’s their idea. And their idea sounds good!

Sun, 20th – 16.00 | Clube do Samba | Checkpoint Charlie – free entrance

Concert. You will always tend to find me where there is samba and brazilian music going on. Plus it is going to be around the corner from my place, so no excuses as to missing it.

Sat 19th and Sun 20th – 09.00 | IJ-Hallen | NDSM

Flea Market. Last but not the least, a classic. The Ij-Hallen flea market is always a good idea for the weekend. And you can almost get lost in there, because it is the biggest one in Europe. Go treasure hunting!

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.

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