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The freelance life part I: my story

Should I really write about this?

Here’s yet another photo of my laptop, gazing the viewer from a terrace on a sunny day, cappuccino on the side. The caption reads: “all the perks of freelancing summed up in one photo”. I posted this and proceeded to make calculations on how to pay next month’s rent, followed by sending e-mails asking when am I supposed to get honorariums from jobs I have long ago delivered.
I realise the irony of the situation and decide to make up for the delusory image. Next story I post, same picture, different caption: “Hey, don’t be fooled. There are plenty of downs, too. Should I write about this?”.

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Amsterdive is Public

I graduated in theater some years ago. Taking this info into account, you might think it was easy for me to start following what is going on in the city, theater and performance wise. In fact, it took me the longest time to get acquainted with the field, in the low countries. In the beginning it was all very intimidating.

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A midsummer summer night’s dream (or De Parade)

Welcome to this huge square full of tents, stalls and improvised ‘homes’ in the style of old circuses and fairs (let’s fantasize over this together). You know that every other address offers a theater performance of some kind, and they run continuously, during each day.

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Anatomy of a Sunday in Nieuw-West

This article comes a couple of days later than expected. In fact its completion was a challenge as i only have one available hand for typing. The other got swollen as hell after a wasp stung on Monday morning, while i was cycling to the coffee place, to work. It was fierce, and still after some strong medicine and rest – and being high half of the time -, it looks red as a bell pepper. Well, despite everything, i’m very happy the blog post is ready! So i won’t make you wait anymore.

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