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Amsterdam isn’t Paris

I arrived in Amsterdam on a grey day. Although predictable, I didn’t know about weather conditions, as i had never set foot here. Until today i stubbornly try to ignore all the knowledge which seems irrelevant to me. For one reason or another, i’d always been a little contemptuous of weather forecasting, as a superficial and extremely boring subject. That’s why i hadn’t think of that haze.

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Week (end) agenda | 19th – 21th Aug

If you read the last post, you might know that i’m pretty late with posts because i have suffered an attempt of murder carried out by a wasp, last Monday morning, on my way to the coffee-place. The creature didn’t manage to knock me out but it sure turned me one-handed ( situation i still find myself in).  Prescribed medicine did the rest, keeping me high half of the time. But…!, i’m alive and standing, and just on time to gather a few suggestions for this weekend in Amsterdam (don’t forget that every name listed redirects you to the event’s website, and free events are signaled as well).

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Anatomy of a Sunday in Nieuw-West

This article comes a couple of days later than expected. In fact its completion was a challenge as i only have one available hand for typing. The other got swollen as hell after a wasp stung on Monday morning, while i was cycling to the coffee place, to work. It was fierce, and still after some strong medicine and rest – and being high half of the time -, it looks red as a bell pepper. Well, despite everything, i’m very happy the blog post is ready! So i won’t make you wait anymore.

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A sort of manifest

I first published these routes three years ago. Yes, Amsterdive started back in 2013 but somehow it took a cinderella nap until 2016, when i decided to just go for it. ‘Gewoon doen’ was the actual kick-start of this blog. In 2013, I was living in Amsterdam for one and a half-year and thrilled about touring my beloved ones around the city. Moving to Amsterdam meant starting to have people over very frequently. Think of family, friends, high school former colleagues, couchsurfers, you name it.

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