Week (end) Agenda | 26th Sept – 2nd Oct

Welcome to another cultural agenda for the week! Here you find a selection of interesting events, which will trigger you to explore mostly smaller and alternative venues in the city (these are my favorite). This week there’s plenty of music, there’s theater, the Ij-Hallen flea-market, and a free NEMO science-weekend.

Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get weekly updates of selected events, please like Amsterdive’s facebook page!

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A la playa – a beach day in Zandvoort

I was convinced that in The Netherlands, the “REAL beach day” was a phenomena akin to the descriptions of the Scottish Loch ness. Every time I heard Dutchies telling me how they had gone to the beach the week before, and how lovely it was, I automatically stored that information in my internal box for social maladies. For me such an affirmation, as it being “lekker warm” at a beach over here, belonged to some form of very specific Dutch-collective-delirium which I wouldn’t take seriously because, you know, the lack of sun can have its consequences, and psychological malfunction seemed a very feasible one to me.

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Week (end) Agenda | 19th – 25th Sept

Dear all,

We’ve exciting days ahead of us. Those in which you have five different events you promised to attend plus an extra one you are reeeally curious about. And on top of that it is the birthday of your brother-in-law, at which you definitely need to show your face. Don’t know how to balance all this? Neither do I. But I keep on trying. That’s the purpose of these cultural agendas, so that I try and make a selection out of the sea of possibilities Amsterdam offers us / overwhelms us with (erase what does not apply). Please, do take advantage of them! Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well.

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Tally Ho – fairclothing in Amsterdam part I

A while ago I decided to switch from fast-fashion to fair clothing. I haven’t shopped for clothes for more than one year now (except for these trousers I bought in a second-hand shop last month). I just refuse to buy more stuff that has obviously been made by people who can be considered modern-slaves. Period. And that’s when my quest for fair-trade clothing in Amsterdam began. Last Sunday, at Haarlemmerplein, the journey officially took off.

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Westerpark – a redemption ‘song’

I didn’t move to the Westerpark all at once. Although I didn’t love the borough, I actually sort of creeped in here. It was the case of a certain someone and me wanting to share a bed repeatedly. And his bed happened to be located at this specific geographical point. It started out with a tooth brush. In time I took with me books, endless amounts of clothes, tax papers, and cats.

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Week (end) agenda | 12th – 18th Sept

With this late-tropical summer we are facing, I’m sure a lot of our original plans are going to be replaced by outdoors options. Anyway, the program for this week looks like an exciting one (as usual), so maybe we can find a compromise between sunbathing / barbecuing and feeding mind / soul. Yes, vitamin D is also very necessary to the soul but well, you know what I mean, right? Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. And we’ll start out tonight in the best of fashions, with the fiery rhythms of my dear friends Guzanghida.

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Week (end) agenda | 5th – 11 Sept

It gets more and more and challenging to select events as the weeks go by. There’s a world of stuff to do in this city, especially now, in the beginning of the cultural season. More often than not, I wish I had the gift of ubiquity in order to attend everything I’m interested in. Usually I choose one event for each day. If schedules allow and I manage to combine two events on the same day, then I’ll highlight both. However, there are often so many good options in the weekend, that I have to include a few of them in the agenda. But I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible here. This is supposed to be a selection and not an exhaustive list (for the latter, you can use the links in the end of this post).

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Living in the Indische Buurt – part I

When I arrived to Amsterdam, I went to live in the Indische Buurt. Molukkenstraat, to be more precise. First day upon my arrival I found it an ugly street. There were no hipster cafes at the Molukkenstraat at the time, just very shady coffee shops, equally shady dry-cleaning businesses, and Turkish man-only hairdressers. There was also the occasional male who would harass you on the street, which was something quite peculiar having into account that that phenomenon simply DOESN’T happen in Amsterdam. But it did at the Molukkenstraat.

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Week (end) agenda | 29th Aug – 4th Sept

One of my favorite months starts this week. As much as it can be a cliche, September means a fresh start for me, and for Amsterdive that will be no figure of speech. What’s more, I have the feeling this month can really set the tone for the upcoming year, so let’s make sure to start it in the best of spirits, with uplifting events. And, what’s better, most of them are entrance free.

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