flowers in Amsterdam

Flowers ease our life burdens, especially now

It was early Spring and I marched. Until then I had never quite enjoyed walking in Amsterdam. Turns out, mine and the neighbouring blocks offered me more opportunities of wonder than I had expected. It all started with flowers, of all things.

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Co-working days at The Thinking Hut

The initiators of The Thinking Hut asked me for an honest review of their spaces, but I sort of convinced them to let me vlog there as well. They agreed and didn’t try to control any part of the process. As a blogger, I can tell you that this total freedom is rare. They had me right from the start.

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Making friends in Amsterdam

The struggle with building a social and affective life from scratch is something akin to everyone who experiences moving countries. So here’s my take on the friendship thing. I hope it can be useful.

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