The Dutch Decompression

Warning: This post may not be suitable to those with colour-allergy.

I rarely go clubbing nowadays. Because it bores me, because I’m not into getting wasted anymore, because I’m not keen in crowds, especially not crowds that are high on all sorts of substances, dancing like automatons and, for the most part, faking some sort of coolness, late at night. However, if there is something I do enjoy, is a proper party. The thing is, if I’m to trade my precious hours of sleep for some action, it better be worth it.

I’ve written about Burning Man-related events previously. This is a community that promotes radical self-expression, and radical inclusion, ( you can read the ten principles of BM here). These events are rare moments when I feel I’m at a totally free yet safe (“public”) space. A place where I can be who I am, explore who I am, connect with others, be spontaneous, be part of it. There are no mere spectators or consumers at a BM event – there are participants. That’s why I decided to volunteer at the Dutch Decompression. The Decompression was created to help alleviate the ‘post burn blues’, and to bring the community back together again. It happens in a few places around the world, and last Saturday the 12th November, at Radion, was Amsterdam’s time.

I didn’t make many pictures as I was busy being in the moment, but here are the ones I took. Many thanks to Aisha from Coloured Creatures, who, so patiently, did amazing body-painting on me! Many thanks to the Dutch guy who stepped up the loudspeaker next to the dj to share a dance with me, on the main stage – if you read this, come say hello! Many thanks to the greeting team who so cheerfully welcomed and hugged me at the entrance. Many thanks to the Oracle! And finally, praise to the organization and all participants, who made the Dutch Decom so worthwhile.


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2 thoughts on “The Dutch Decompression

  1. Hans Speijer

    Hello Ana, I enjoyed meeting you at the Dutch Decompression and talking with you about The Oracle, Burning Man and your experiences in the Netherlands. Thank you for taking such a beautiful picture of the Oracle dreaming!

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