Malaga: alone but not alone

Last summer I felt that some time by myself was an urgent necessity: somewhere sunny where I could rest, read my book, swim, and go for some exploration walks. That’s exactly what I did. I flew to Malaga, on the southern coast of Spain, where I rested, read, swam, and explored. I find it vital to just stop from time to time, and set the contemplation mode on. You know, just be. Although I quite often go on dates with myself in the city (for coffee, movies, or even eating out), I must say that I don’t travel alone as often as I sometimes think I should. But I love it, and when I do it, I feel like I reborn.

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Starting 2017 in Copenhagen

I was totally unprepared for the fact that the Danes really dress up for New Years Eve. Once you start living in The Netherlands you stop caring about dress codes altogether because any ordinary pair of jeans will ( always) do. However, the Danes rewoke my sense of style up, and her, who is always in search of an excuse to put on a special attire, found an alternative glasses + beanie solution for the occasion. It seemed to have made people around me happy but, yet again, it could have also been the champagne.

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3 day-trip to Lisbon quick-guide

Disclaimer: this is a blog about Amsterdam. Nevertheless, a quick-guide to Lisbon has been very requested by friends, over here. Designing a tour of Lisbon is like a dive in my past and in some of my wildest and more beautiful memories. It’s like digging old books about adolescence and young adulthood with all it’s hopes, fires, falls and adventures. I was happy to do it, thus.

That said, a friend of mine just booked a 3 days-trip to Lisbon and i promised him a 3 days quick-guide with the musts, by neigbourhood.  It’s not an extensive guide but everything is doable and should keep one busy for this short-stay, while making sure to properly explore the core of Lisbon.

Let’s go.

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