I usually say I am an actress who writes. But maybe it is the other way around. I exist in an intersection of creative fields: performing, writing, and everything in between.

I graduated in Theater in Portugal and followed a short journalism course afterwards. I worked as an actress but I also worked as a sushi-girl and as an ‘all around persona’ at my favorite art-house-movie-theater in Lisbon. Lisbon made of me a very happy person, by the way. But then came Amsterdam.

Amsterdam gave me the world. It also gave me freedom. Since the beginning, I felt I had got ‘home’. My fascination with the city comes from its historic international environment, its highly relaxed and tolerant atmosphere, the feel of a vibrant metropole within the size of a big village, the quality of its life with bikes, green spaces and water in the center of it. And obviously its beauty & aesthetics.

AmsterDive is a project with both a very personal accent, and a cultural one. It explores my own relashionship with Amsterdam – and The Netherlands -, but it also focuses in arts and culture ( every week, I write a cultural agenda for the city).

Want to get in touch? Reach me at amsterdivemail@gmail.com.

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Have you read my ‘sort of manifest‘?

Here’s an excerpt: “My goal with Amsterdive is not to extensively cover the city but rather selecting and highlighting places I find unique, and ultimately make me happy. While doing this I want to tell stories about the possibilities of life over here, from my personal perspective. Since I am very interested in arts & culture, tradition & crafts, vintage & second-hand places as well as biological & vegetarian ones, you are going to find much of it here.

My perspective on the city should be as original as possible, that’s how I believe this whole ‘Amsterdam conversation’ can be enriched. It is possible that my blog reaches people interested in exploring the city, whether travellers or locals. In this sense I would feel happy if I could inspire people to dive into the authentic life of the city, which is something that manifests itself in plentifully different ways. If, through my own experience, I can trigger someone to discover places off the beaten track, and hidden gems in the city – all the better.”

If you wish to read more, check my interview at BlogExpat.

Header photo ©Amsterdamming

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Dermott Hayes says:

    I’ve been to Amsterdam a few times; once to see a football match, two times attending concerts and once, for a weekend break, cruising the canals, strolling the streets, hanging out in coffee bars and visiting the Van Gogh gallery. I liked it but the best time I had was when I stayed with a friend, a local, who lived in one of those tall, narrow houses, beside a canal. Could be anywhere, I suppose.

    • Amsterdive says:

      Very true Dermott, that’s why i almost always travel to places where i know a local or, at least, somewhere i have a list of good recommendations for, made by locals. For instance, I know how tricky Amsterdam can be when you don’t know anybody here or don’t have interesting tips from someone who knows it well. It can be the easiest city to explore but exactly because it’s become so crowded and branded, it can be difficult to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ (specially when you’re short in time). Luckily, nowadays personal blogs help a lot in that task.

  2. healingpilgrim says:

    Lecker blog, Ana! I was in Amsterdam once, many years ago. (And in Schiphol many times, on stopovers 😉 I too fell in love – especially with the canals and stroopwaffel. I look forward to another visit sometime… Meanwhile, I look forward to experiencing more of the city through your eyes.

  3. kevinashton says:

    Dear Ana,
    As a young chef, I worked for twee jaar at the Krasnaplosky. Even though it was a long time ago, I still have vivid memories of my time in Holland. The wonderful art, both past and present and how Amsterdam is alive with creativity, from the galleries to the street performers.
    I think of late nights listening to Hedi Lester and her brother singing duets at their parent’s restaurant at the Leidseplein.

    I think of the Dutch girl I dated who worked for Greenpeace, and the times we partied on Rainbow Warrior, the boat that was later sunk by the French secret service. I think of Oliebollen and other delicious things to eat at the street cafes. I remember being amazed at the art and skill of chocolatiers on display in their shops.

    I think of a friend called Hans and how he’d create a parking space by shunting the car in front and the car behind back a little, as he explained this was possible because most people left their hand bake off. Is parking still done in this way?

    Perhaps I was just at the right age to appreciate it, or perhaps Amsterdam had a little bit of magic about it?

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