Week (end) agenda | 10th – 16th Oct

Here am I, one year wiser, and struggling with party blues. Nonetheless, heel veel zin in, which sort of means looking forward to it, in Dutch. Looking forward to daily life, let’s put it like that, which is for sure a sign I’m living one that excites and suits me. And these agendas add on to that excitement. So let’s check the cultural menu for this week.

Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get weekly updates of selected events, please like Amsterdive’s facebook page! And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, of course.

Tue, 11th – 20.00 | TeknoRobics PartyFitness – Vondelbunker (donation based)

Yes, it is fitness & a party altogether. Yes, it is donation-based and underground. Yes, it takes place at an old atomic shelter from the second world war. Yes, yes, yes, this is it. Do you notice I’m excited?

Woe, 12th – 20.30 | Russian Folk: Iva Nova + Alec Kopy | De Ruimte

A friend of mine sent me this event. It says it is folk but that it is actually too loud & too rockish to be considered traditional folk. Paradoxes. Mi likes it.

… or 20.00 | Welcome to the Playground | Mezrab (donation based)

… or you can just enjoy your typical and trusted storytelling evening at Mezrab and go home with a warm heart and a mind full of stories.

Thu, 13th – 20.00 | Asian persuasion (Don’t hit mama) – Frascati

A combination of music, text, photography, and dance performance, about family ties & cultural identity. Where Javanese dance & hip-hop coexist in the performers’ bodies, who research their own asian cultural heritage (free entrance with a We are Public membership card).

… or 21.00 | Auxxx Amsterdam Undercurrent – OT301

…and if you’re into underground electronic music, go see the Polish duo Ożóg and Knysak, JesterN with Ivo Bol (who uses plants to create music), in a show with exciting audiovisual works (free entrance with a We are Public membership card).

Fri, 14th – 21.30 | Guzanghida and Sana Camara concert – De Pepper @ OT301 (donation-based)

This is unmissable, if you want to start the weekend on the right foot, by dancing like there was no tomorrow. West-african rhythms by the best percussion band in town, with the presence of djembe master Sana Camara from Guinea Conakry.

Fri, 14th – 22.00 | Chez Suzanne** – Azart Ship of Fools

And if you still have energy to burn out after the Guzanghida’s show, the Ship of Fools will have an event of performance & music going on ’till late, for the party-animals.

Sat, 15th – 20.00 | Fiesta Latinoamericana (Latin Boogie Night) – OT301

This is going to be a proper latin party which starts with the screening of a documentary about the 60’s Latin Soul genre. And then the fiesta with music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Their moto is vente de fiesta con nosotros hasta caer rendido (something like come party with us until you drop). That’s a promise.

… or 22.00 | Funkalicious invites Juice & Friends – Roest (free entrance)

… or for the Easterners amongst us: a free entrance party with funk, disco and soul sounds very promising as well.

Sun, 16th – 10.30 | Sunday Assembly #2 Stressvrij – Mezrab (free entrance)

This just sounds sooo good: a stress-free Sunday assembly, where, after a workday, you can be very happy about all the things that you haven’t accomplished. Yes, that exists. And it is filled up with poetry, music, personal stories, home-made tart & other sorts of artworks. Child-friendly event!

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.


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