A tour in the Rijksmuseum with Culture Tourist

The Rijksmuseum is possibly the most important museum in The Netherlands, which stores all the artistic “jewels of the crown’. Think famous Rembrandts and Vermeers, like the renowned Nightwatch or The Milkmaid. This is also the place where you have access to reproductions of ships and V.O.C. artefacts and paintings, which tell the story of the Dutch Golden Ages. There’s much more to explore though; at the Rijksmuseum, you can have an overview of Dutch History through their art.

Meet Tea. Tea has a background in Art History and is the owner of the blog “Culture Tourist”, a platform dedicated to cultural holiday destinations. Long story short, I managed to get myself a private tour in the Rijksmuseum with her (I know, right?). I didn’t know Tea before, and I was curious about her work. I love the fact that she highlights the artistic and cultural landmarks of different European cities on her blog, stimulating people to delve deeper into the History of each place. The fact that you can hire her to enrich an experience that you might have read about on her blog sounds brilliant as well. I was eager to meet the person behind the blog. I found a warm and enthusiastic lady with love for art and storytelling.

Library Rijksmuseum.JPG
At Rijks you can marvel at the biggest Art History research library in The Netherlands.
The girl with a pearl earring
Vermeer’s The Milkmaid
Contemporary art at the Rijskmuseum
The Rijsmuseum also has a contemporary art section

After the tour, we went for coffee (obviously). We picked Bocca Coffee, one of our specialty coffee jewels in town, located near Leidseplein, a pleasant walking distance from the Rijksmuseum. We’ve chatted over coffee and cake (by the way, thank god for pumpkin pie) and I got a special gift. A set of colouring postcards on Dutch symbols! These postcards are an original Culture Tourist creation which I think makes a lovely Christmas souvenir for my nieces. But hey!, check everything out on the vlog down below because yes, I have a YouTube channel to which you can (I dear say, you should) subscribe!

Visit Tea at https://culturetourist.com/, hire her as a tour guide, and order a set of colouring postcards for your loved ones too!

Have you visited the Rijksmuseum already? Share our impressions with us in the comment section down below!

2 thoughts on “A tour in the Rijksmuseum with Culture Tourist

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