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“The Talent Issue” – November 2017

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Issue November 2017, Wij gaan naar… (We are going to…)

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Molly Quell from Dutch News compiled a list of her favourite Netherlands-based bloggers, featuring Amsterdive

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Read more at DutchNews.nl: Top blogs: From cartoon Englishmen to the best food in Amsterdam http://www.dutchnews.nl/features/2017/07/est-netherlands-based-bloggers/

“The Good Old Language Struggle” featured on the Dutch News website

“Ana V. Martins is a Portuguese actress and a writer who lives in Amsterdam. Her blog, AmsterDive, is about her relationship with Amsterdam with a focus on arts and culture. In this post, she writes about a common problem among many internationals – losing her native language.”

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Read more at DutchNews.nl: Blogwatching: Amsterdive – The good old language struggle http://www.dutchnews.nl/features/2017/07/june-featured-blog-post-the-good-old-language-struggle

“On being a woman in Amsterdam” featured on the Dutch News Facebook page 

“We like to highlight a create blog post from one of our bloggers and this month it is from Amsterdive on her experiences of being a woman in Amsterdam.”

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Hiraeth Magazine featured “The Good Old Language Struggle” on their website 

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Portuguese feminist website Capazes featured a Portuguese version of “On being a woman in Amsterdam” entitled “Ser mulher em Amesterdão”

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BlogExpat published an interview with me entitled: “From Portugal to the Netherlands: Amsterdive”.

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