Dani from Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters Amsterdam

Career transitions and meaningful work: a convo with Lot Sixty One’s head barista Dani

In the second episode of YouTube series “Ana Searches for Meaning” I had a chat with Mr. Bordiniuc about changing careers and the journey he undertook to become a real coffee ‘sommerlier’. All in less than four years.

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Co-working days at The Thinking Hut

The initiators of The Thinking Hut asked me for an honest review of their spaces, but I sort of convinced them to let me vlog there as well. They agreed and didn’t try to control any part of the process. As a blogger, I can tell you that this total freedom is rare. They had me right from the start.

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Things I wore in 2018

My fashion taste in 2018 is, not only a game of casualty, but an ode to sustainability. None of these clothes were new when I got them. Most of what I wore in 2018 were gifts from people who came up to me and said: “I had this at home, I don’t wear it anymore. It made me think of you so here it is”.

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