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In the beggining of November I flew to my country of birth, where I was joined by a couple of friends from Amsterdam. We had a vegan blogger amongst us but, as you might imagine, Portugal is far from being a nation of herbivorous. We turned out to be a good team, my friends and me. We stuck together at meal times. Little did we know that Lisbon’s veggie scene is banging. Somehow, it makes sense, I later reasoned. Given the gastronomic standards in Portugal, for you to convince a non-vegetarian Portuguese person to eat a meal free of their trusted animal products, the food has to be nothing short of AMAZING.

During our Lisbon days, we’ve been highly committed to eating, as people usually are when at Southern latitudes. We have basically engulfed stupid amounts of edibles followed by digestion-walks intended to make space for more edibles. We’ve relished on this trip, people. We’ve relished. Reason strong enough to share with you the sources of that happiness. Here are three veggie restaurants in Lisbon that will spice up your appetite.

Climbing hilly Lisbon is tough if you have to carry luggage around (I know it all too well). Use the coupon code “LXAMSTERDIVE” for a discount on Stasher storages and save your energy for the good stuff.


Rua da Palmeira 15 (closes on Mondays)

Terra is a buffet-done-right. It is also one of the Lisbon’s first vegetarian restaurants, with plenty of vegan options in the mix. The offer of food is delicious, extremely varied, and is always being replaced on the trays. The staff, very attentive and friendly. This is a super safe option for you to bring your non-vegetarian family along. If you find yourself in the areas of Rato, Princípe Real, Bairro Alto, or even further, do not hesitate. Oh, their terrace is gorgeous. And they were playing classical music during dinner ❤

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

restaurant Terra, Princípe Real

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restaurant Terra, Princípe Real


Rua do Salvador 64 A

Princesa do Castelo stands for the Princess of the Castle. Trust the name. The food was brilliant. We have all chosen for the Curry Rice Asian Noodles, which was similar to an Thai type Pho, and was rich, extremely flavorful and highly comforting (it was pouring rain outside). For dessert we all had vegan pastel de nata! And then we’ve shared a banana cheesecake and a cookie crumble. The cookie crumble, OMG. If you only have space for one dessert, definitely choose the cookie crumble. It looks like Portuguese chocolate mousse, it tastes like cookies, and it is to die for. Oh, the decoration of the place is quirky, and the staff is the sweetest!

Princesa do Castelo restaurant.JPG

restaurant Princesa do Castelo

Princesa do Castelo.JPG

restaurant Princesa do Castelo


Rua do Salitre 117

Os Tibetanos is a Lisbon classic. The space is gorgeous and full of light, and it is very close to Avenida da Liberdade, the high-end shopping street. I had the Seitan Curry which tasted like home-made comfort, and the portion was so filling that I didn’t manage to fit in desert (I might or might not have been eating pastéis de nata before lunch). Again, pleasant staff (when are they not, in Portugal?).


restaurant Os Tibetanos

Os Tibetanos restaurant.JPG

Seitan Curry at Os Tibetanos

Special thanks to my dear Jharda Walker, who has done the research for the aforementioned restaurants. And now, a suggestion for brunch, and lunch, (and yoga!) which I have found last year, at the area of Marquês do Pombal:

Foodprintz Café

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 82A

Foodprintz cafe is a lovely space that not only offers breakfast and lunch, but yoga and vegan cooking workshops too. Their menu is seasonal, and they produce their own brand of vegan cheese as well. Too many good things in just one place.

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Foodprintz Cafe, Lisbon

That’s it for now, folks! Super happy to have such good representatives of the veggie brigade in Lisbon. Let me know in the comments down below when you go and try any of these!

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