Week (end) Agenda | 26th Sept – 2nd Oct

Welcome to another cultural agenda for the week! Here you find a selection of interesting events, which will trigger you to explore mostly smaller and alternative venues in the city (these are my favorite). This week there’s plenty of music, there’s theater, the Ij-Hallen flea-market, and a free NEMO science-weekend.

Don’t forget that the names of the events include a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get weekly updates of selected events, please like Amsterdive’s facebook page!

TUE, 27th – 20.00 | Nieuwe Anita: Witte Gei’t 27 september

Local singer songwriters & exquisite musicians perform tonight at Nieuwe Anita, from 21.00 on. Ibo is one of them, and for him alone, this event would already be worth a visit.

WOE, 28th – 19.30 | Horror | Jakop Ahlbom @ DeLaMar Theater

For Theater, I’d suggest the play ‘Horror’, who got unanimous reviews from the most important newspapers in NL. Adjectives used to describe it: filthy, comic, absurd, genial. Dutch spoken. You can get in for free if you’re a We are Public card holder.

THU, 29th Sept – 20.30 | Club Amsterdam Klezmer in Mezrab

Amsterdam Klezmer Band is playing and Ramses Hoppa is djeing afterwards. At cultural cafe Mezrab. Need I say more?

FRI, 30th Sept – 20.30 | De Ceuvel Unplugged – Indian summer edition

This is one of those cases in which the place alone is already the perfect excuse for a visit. De Ceuvel is one of the most impressive sustainable urban experiments in Europe, and it houses art, entrepreneurship, a sustainable restaurant. This evening the podium is open for both established and upcoming musicians.

SAT, 1st – SUN, 2nd Oct | Gratis Weekend van de Wetenschap in NEMO – free entrance

To “make and invent” is this weekend’s theme at Nemo and you can get in and get to know the Science Museum entirely for free!  How amazing is this?!

SAT, 1st Oct – 21.00 | Jorge Ben Jor Tribute x Brasil in the Brewery // Roda da Holanda – free entrance

For all those who love Brazilian rhythms, this is a highly recommended evening. The Oedipus Brewery, the musicians of Roda da Holanda, and ‘the king’ Jorge Ben Jor seem to me the ultimate combination for eternal happiness.

SAT, 1st – SUN, 2nd Oct | IJ-Hallen 1 en 2 oktober

Another edition of the Ij-Hallen, the biggest flea market in Europe! The best advice I can give you is: go early. The market is so huge that you might end up overwhelmed by so many choice. As for the rest, the best place to buy vintage and second-hand clothing, as well as  unique pieces for your home-decor.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.


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