You’re officially invited to a street-art tour in the city center of Amsterdam

Today’s menu is street-art in Amsterdam: urban art you can still spot in the city center. For the city explorers who want to learn WHO, WHAT, WHERE of the streets in Amsterdam by Giulia, a blogger who knows their quirks like no other.

Dear friends, I’ve been waking up to sun. This sentence by itself feels solemn, something I’m compelled to make a two-minute silence for. To slowly resurface from all the darkness we’ve experienced throughout 2020/2021 is nothing short of a miracle (I was doing my best to not use such dramatic words, but here we are again.) Terraces opened in the Netherlands, the population is getting their inoculation against the virus whose name I shall not pronounce. We can picnic in the park and drink beverages on the sidewalk of our Amsterdam houses again. And, hopefully, we won’t forget the hard-learned lessons from the dark night of the soul we have just undergone. And the silver linings. Those came often in the form of little joys: developing a love for routines in my home, learning how to grow plants, paying more attention and being more present with the world around me, developing deeper connections with my people.

I am grateful for the unlimited daily walks we were afforded here in the Netherlands, even when measures were at their strictest. And in those walks, street-art just lightened up my otherwise ordinary strolls. Suddenly, the silly daily walk was not that silly anymore because a pop of color, a humorous note hanging from some signpost or a magnificent mural elevated me from the routine. That’s the power of art.

I vlogged a fair amount over this winter, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. My YouTube channel is growing and I already love where it’s going – subscribe if you haven’t yet, I’d LOVE to have all of you! One of the most special videos from the season that passed is a STREET-ART TOUR I did with Giulia from Blocal, the urban and street-art blog. Giulia gets so lit up when she’s talking urban art: she’s funny, witty, and a joy to be around. She guided me round some iconic pieces of street-art right in the city-center of Amsterdam. We spotted works by The London Police, Keith Haring, Invader, Streetart Frankie and Laser 3.14. This is, also, a video where everything that can go wrong, does. So, I’d say, get yourself a bag of popcorn, friends.

Do share your thoughts with us! Do you have a favorite piece in town? Is there anything we missed?

I also wrote about the street-art murals in the Transvaalbuurt for Spotted by Locals . Here’s a lil’ preview ▾

On the image: two street-art murals on the Transvaaltbuurt neighborhood in Amsterdam. Left side: the three crosses of Amsterdam. Right side: a child holding a little dragon, and surrounded by other magic creatures. The words: When It Comes To Settling Disputes Compassion Is More Useful Than Magic.

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2 thoughts on “You’re officially invited to a street-art tour in the city center of Amsterdam

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