Cultural Agenda Amsterdam Spring

The Who What Where of Amsterdam during Spring

WWW (Who What Where) is a handpicked cultural agenda for Amsterdam. It bridges the variety of local and international artistic expressions present in the city. We focus on art, music, performance, community-driven events, small-scale venues and underground culture. Leave a comment below if you remember Amsterdive’s cultural agendas! We’re back, this time around in seasonal […]

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On Amsterdam loneliness and our stupid little walks

Amsterdam is not a place where you move to exclusively for the hustle and saving for pension. Foreigners learn to enjoy life in a very particular way. Just being here exposes you to so much world: we got a whopping 176 different nationalities present in the city. That’s why loneliness hits the hardest. Because when you sit at home with no company for Christmas, or when you don’t see anyone for days on end during this perpetual lockdown you know how different it can be.

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Day Trips From Amsterdam: Let’s Cycle To The Beach

Cycling to the beach from Amsterdam is not only possible but actually a thing people do. Here’s a AHA moment from my early days in this city. Trying it out myself felt like a whole other level of integration. Doing Amsterdam to Bloemendaal aan Zee on a bicycle expanded my world of quaint narrow streets and serpentine canals. I did it with a friend, and we urge you to try it too.

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