Amsterdiving my way through life

One day I dreamed of being location independent. After years of trying things, I’m now working-from-home from my homeland Portugal and I’m-working-from-home from my other homeland the Netherlands. I feel like one of those kids living happily between the homes of divorced but gracious loving parents. Granted, this doesn’t come without challenges, but for me this feels like a path worth taking. I won’t pick sides: I need both countries for different reasons. Whether in Lisbon or Amsterdam, I’m ‘amsterdiving’ my way through life. What the heck is ‘amsterdive’ about again?

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Cultural Agenda Amsterdam Spring

The Who What Where of Amsterdam during Spring

WWW (Who What Where) is a handpicked cultural agenda for Amsterdam. It bridges the variety of local and international artistic expressions present in the city. We focus on art, music, performance, community-driven events, small-scale venues and underground culture. Leave a comment below if you remember Amsterdive’s cultural agendas! We’re back, this time around in seasonal […]

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Welcome to the Morning Pages Circle

I’m starting a Morning Pages Circle, a 4-week-long journaling group for personal development. Here, you’ll build the habit of daily writing in a community of like-minded people and give yourself the chance to explore where the writing takes you. When you commit to writing your pages first thing in the morning the journey is always rewarding. We’re here to build that consistency together.

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