Routine, holy routine

This post is about building a routine, and it was written during Blogmas 2020, a challenge in which I wrote a post a day for the month of December. Routine came to inform my workdays, as it aids in my creative process. I love how having routines both soothes and grounds me.


I wake up earlier than usual. My first thoughts race around the commitment I made to post daily for one month, which makes me equal parts thrilled and terrified.

Noticing the dim shades of gray seeping through the curtains trigger the next rumination: another day of obnoxious weather. And yet, linen swept aside, and I leap from my bed like a kid on Christmas morning. It’s Blogmas # 2, and I’m about to sit at the table by my living room window – usually a gloriously luminous area, today a pool of faint blue. I switch on the lamps.

My first steps wake up a symphony of hungry cats that quiets once the kibble hits the bowls. I take vitamins, drink water, and make coffee while they gobble, and, before sitting down, I also open the window for their first rooftop-yard-railing excursion of the day. Coffee, notebook, satiated cats, and the break of dawn: all is well in my world. I scribble three pages each day, sometimes more. The camera has become my Blogmas witness as I register bits of the process in timelapse. Then I post them to Insta stories; it helps with accountability and makes the process feel more tangible, less solitary. I have been journaling since January 2020, after starting The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The practice became a touchstone for my work later in the year when I returned from my trip to Portugal.

After pages, I’m usually hungry, so breakfast follows. I like to eat a rich first meal, as you may have noticed from Instastories. Then I sit at my laptop desk and type. Important writing is done in the early hours when my brain is fresh, and I often do it with music playing in the background. It lifts my spirit. I can edit video whenever, but writing only works in specific moments of the day. I recently found that having assigned spaces for each task aids in the creative process, which my artsy soul would never have believed Before. For clarity: there’s Ana Before cancer + the pandemic and Ana after, so I’m capitalizing Before. Anyway, Ana BCP is a great prompt to explore tomorrow, so stay around, friends.


Header: my fur children + my dearest Elizabeth

If you’re interested in trying The Artist’s Way you can purchase the book via my affiliate link from If you decide to get the book via our local webshop (the Netherlands and Belgium,) I get a small commission, at no cost for you. Thank you so much in advance!

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