Things I wore in 2018

My fashion taste in 2018 is, not only a game of casualty but an ode to sustainability. None of these clothes were new when I got them. Most of what I wore in 2018 were gifts from people who came up to me and said: “I had this at home, I don’t wear it anymore. It made me think of you so here it is”.

Most of the time I prefer gifts that were previously owned by the person who’s bringing them over. It feels a little bit like “oh, they’ve chosen me to keep the holy grail!”. Except that instead of holy it is used, and instead of a grail, they’re skirts, sweaters, pants, earrings, bennies, and the sorts. I’m a sucker for objects with a story. And it’s fascinating to see how random second-hand gifts can end up defining my visual aesthetics so much. It’s like I don’t get to decide but “life” decides for me. Pieces I’m not fond of are returned to sender with a polite “Hmm, don’t think I could wear it” / “It’s not my size” / “The god of minimalism won’t allow me to take home a single extra piece of clothing”. Since the offer is honest in the first place, I get to keep only what I truly love, as opposed to something the other person bought especially for me, and that politeness now holds me back from refusing. And, according to the god of minimalism (aka Marie Kondo), we should only keep what “sparks joy”. Without further ado let’s take a peek at the garments that sparked joy. Also, I encourage you to express love or hate for the outfits you’re about to put your eyes on. Especially if you manage to make me laugh.

2018 started like this (picture at your left). This dress was bought in Petticoat at the Jordaan neighborhood and it is an awesome versatile piece of fabric because it goes with everything. Combine it with the right accessories and you’re good to attend the most bizarre NYE party of the year. Get a tan and, again, the right accessories, and you’re ready to shine at a posh summer party.

My favorite summer dress. A gift from Viola, my Dutch teacher. She used to wear it in the 70’s. Now she’s 70 herself and she thought the dress would suit my body type.

Got this skirt at a very remarkable clothing swap, brought it with me unsure of if I’d actually wear it because it made me think of the hippies with dogs from the festivals of my adolescence. Now, I declare: this skirt is the best. It’s a two in one: you can wear it on both sides. All I need is to do is to combine it with a plain shirt and I have got a cool outfit without even having to use my brain. By the way, I should wear my glasses more often.

I had good fun in this swimming suit, purchased at Marbles Vintage (Harlemmerdijk). I call it “my spacesuit”

A summer jumpsuit gifted by my yogi friend Catarina because it was too tight on her. “It’ll look amazing on you”, she said. Paired it up with leggings once, and went to FOAM (right image).

And then Gay Pride came. I had this white dress hanging in my wardrobe, but it is so short and sassy (and almost see-through) that I don’t feel especially comfortable wearing it in regular daily life. However, this is total Pride-feel. And it helped raise my spirits. My dearest Elizabeth did, too!

In 2018 I also wore pain. This has nothing to do with the garments now. I was very sad when I took both pictures and I want to remember them. Pain is a valuable teacher. I think I wore warm colors here because these are the ones that most comfort me.

Outfit on the left was the one in which I’ve attended an Iamsterdam insta-meet at the opening of the exhibition “Things that Matter” at the Troppenmuseum. Both pieces were gifts of my ex-flatmate Judith who was getting rid of the clothes she didn’t wear anymore. I don’t do pattern on pattern often but I should because it’s fun. I’d love to take the way I look less seriously and be more playful with the overall experience. The picture on the right shows the back of the shirt and was shot by Andra Stefan.

This is my favorite dress from 2018. The summer of 2018 was hot in The Lowlands so I got to wear it a lot. However, this is one of those pieces that I can wear almost all year long; I just need to combine it with warm tights and coat(s) if it’s cold. Gift from my ex-flatmate Judith again. I got the best clothes from her.

This pink skirt is gold. A gift from Romy, a friend who was trying to minimalize her wardrobe. I wore it very often, including to an insta meet at the Moco Museum (picture on the left). The sweater on the right is my favorite for the cold season. Got it at THE clothing swap (from where the double-side skirt came).

These are two of my utmost favorite combos from 2018. These trousers always get lots of compliments. Got them at Marbles Vintage and took them to the opera (pic on the right).

Believe it or not, I found this polka-dot jumper on the street, in my first year of Amsterdam. It is a brilliant piece that works the best when combined with contrasting colors. Trousers are sassy (but unfortunately from a fast-fashion brand). An impulsive purchase I wore often because of how flattering they are for the silhouette, as seen in the second picture. The pink button-up shirt was from my mother. The green earrings are a gift from ex-flatmate Marguerite.

The tropical shirt is a best-of. Happiness in a shirt and one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. 3 euros at a second-hand store at the Haarlemmerstraat. Grandpa approved.

And then, THE TROUSERS of 2018. A present of Marguerite, a former flatmate, who lived in Amsterdam briefly before heading back to Berlin. She had bought it at a second-hand place but never wore it. I get complimented on these trousers a lot, mostly by Dutch women, sometimes randomly at cafes. It makes sense, mom jeans are a Dutch garment par excellence. It’s funny because I had sworn my whole life never to put on such an unflattering garment. However, these trousers look exquisite when you put them on, and exquisite is definitely a characteristic that gets me hooked. It’s like there’s something off but you can’t exactly pinpoint what. Plus, the comfort, people. The comfort. Yeah, it’s not a casualty they’re called mom jeans. “The comfort”.

Same top, two totally different outfits, and two of my favorites. Got the top… guess where? THE clothing swap. Flowery skirt and little black purse from the same place. The fluffy brown jacket was a birthday gift from my aunt Luísa.

This bennie I bought at a vintage store in Copenhagen is the best to liven up a black outfit. It also instantly lightens up my face. The little pink jacket is a piece I got from Romy as well, and it’s perfect for the black dress I purchased in Petticoat at the Jordaan.

And finally, I love a good ‘ol Yeti. Sleek look, no need to use brains. The black jacket on the left was bought from a friend who was about to move to warmer lands; the bennie on the right was a gift from my friend Grazyna (“Had it at home, made me think of you”).

As you might have noticed, I’m trying to make everything in my wardrobe go with everything which is a mindful wardrobe approach that is worth the effort. There are a few exceptions, but that’s okay too.

And that’s all for now, folks. Let me know how you liked this (or not).

6 thoughts on “Things I wore in 2018

  1. Amsterdamian

    I am first of all amazed that you have pics of all your outfits! I couldn’t write an article like this, because there will be no pics to illustrate it haha! I love your approach, to use pre-loved items, and love the colours. You are, of course, very lucky to have a figure that would make any clothes look good 😉 My favourite is the 70’s dress, it’s just precious!

    1. Ana Seas

      This was a totally unplanned post since I wasn’t aware myself that I had so many pictures of my outfits on my phone! Thank you so much for your compliments dear Dana 🙂

  2. Lara

    I really liked this post! In Portugal it didn’t even cross my mind buying second-hand clothes. I don’t know if it was the same for you. But now, my first thought when I need something is ‘let me see if I can find it second-hand at Cheap Fashion/Episode/Marktplaats/the market, etc’ . And the need vs. want thing was also a big one for me.
    Congratulations on your blog!

    1. Ana Seas

      Thank you Lara! I’ve been a fan of second-hand garments for a long time. I’ve started thrifting at Humana (at Almirante Reis, Lisbon – before I realised they were a scam), and at Feira da Ladra, where I also sold my own stuff a number of times 😀 Feira da Ladra is still my favorite place ever to thrift.

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