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Things I wore in 2018

My fashion taste in 2018 is, not only a game of casualty, but an ode to sustainability. None of these clothes were new when I got them. Most of what I wore in 2018 were gifts from people who came up to me and said: “I had this at home, I don’t wear it anymore. It made me think of you so here it is”.

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Kingsday Outfits

I had promised Kingsday outfits for your amusement. Just because: who’s not afraid of the color orange? Moreover, I take this sort of national festivities seriously. I mean, if we are all to engage in the collective Orange-Nassau delirium, better do it properly. So, what do I do? I grab all orange items I have in my possession, and I call a photographer-friend. I only tell her about coffee-plans, and once bellies are full, I suggest we pass by my place. Before she knows, she’s following me with the camera while I gypsy-dance.

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Seven days, seven outfits – w/ Linda Nouta

I’ve been planning to work with Linda since before I started blogging for real. We met countless times to brainstorm, we wrote long lists of projects, we drank countless coffees, indulged in beer, shared meals together, all of this with the noble excuse of discussing the best way of making everything happen. However, those brilliant ideas of ours kept floating in the outer space. You can call us master procrastinators. But knowing myself, I was certain this state of matters would change. This time we made an appointment (agenda and everything), she came to my place, and there we were. A pile of clothes, the blogger, and her stylist friend (who doesn’t love a good old cliché?).

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