A place called H/eart.h

Once upon a time, two young Italian men decided to act on their vision of a vegetarian cafe with delicious and balanced meals to nourish bodies and minds, a place that could function as an inspiring chill out room as well as a podium for different artists. They called it H/eart.h, which sounds like the name of a long lost tribe of people, united by the love of art, musical gatherings, and tiramisu. An oasis in the buzzy Albert Cuypstraat, right in De Pijp, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Amsterdam.



H/eart.h serves vegetarian meals with Italian roots, not forgetting the very necessary coffee; beer and wine as a bonus. It is a place of mixture and diversity. You step inside and you see paintings, graphics, and photography on display, but also objects elusive to long travels, and a streetwear corner by local entrepreneurs. Different languages and accents form a peculiar background melody as if you were at a tropical region afar, where travelers meet and rest from their adventures. There is a long wooden table of which seats are swings in which you can cradle yourself, a glass of wine in hand, listening to some Bossanova tunes.


If you come on the last Sunday of the month, these tunes are played live by local and foreign artists. These are the Soundays, cozy live concerts by different musicians from around the world, all people who Amsterdam brings together.


Elise advised me to try the sweet potato gnocchi, and so I did. I am a good student.

The gnocchi was delicious but my choice falls into this Zucchini Boat with Marinated Spelt, Tomatoes, Choggia Beet, Radish, Pomegranate & Homemade Guacamole. This is an unbelievably long name but the taste is out of this world.


And here are the two heroes of this story, Elise, and me.

The famous Albert Cuypmarket takes place right at H/eart.h’s doors but Sunday is their resting day. The street appears gloriously calm then, and you have the opportunity to appreciate the Albert Cuypstraat in all its glory, without the markets stalls. If you live in Amsterdam and long to be away from the crowds, do go there on a Sunday! Actually, the coming weekend is the last of the month, and that means Sounday, from 15.00 on (free entrance). See you there?


Hearth has a website, a Facebook page, and the info for this Sounday event is here. Once you’re there, do a favor to yourself, and order the Limoncello & pistachio crumbles tiramisu. You’re welcome.


This is the limoncello tiramisu. The picture is from Elise.

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