Kingsday Outfits

I had promised Kingsday outfits for your amusement. Just because: who’s not afraid of the color orange? Moreover, I take this sort of national festivities seriously. I mean, if we are all to engage in the collective Orange-Nassau delirium, better do it properly. So, what do I do? I grab all orange items I have in my possession, and I call a photographer-friend. I only tell her about coffee-plans, and once bellies are full, I suggest we pass by my place. Before she knows, she’s following me with the camera while I gypsy-dance.



Isn’t orange the most difficult color ever invented? But hey, just throw anything orange on anything black, and you’re good to go. Almost as it had been a casualty. Warning: don’t try combining the citrusy tone with anything other than pitch-dark (unless you’re a professional).




First of all, you have to wear stuff in your head.


Next, go for it all. Going full-on might mean you ending up looking like this. And if you do, by all means: DANCE.



Flowers are good but, how often do you get to crown those beautiful thoughts of yours? By all means, go for the crown.

End of story.

Photography: Amsterdamming

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4 thoughts on “Kingsday Outfits

  1. Alison

    This was the first time in nine years that I haven’t celebrated Queen’s/King’s Day. 😦 I miss the vrijmarkt and music and happiness. Though I do see a lot of orange on the walls and roofs here in Bologna! And I did put an orange collar on my Dutch dog.

    1. Amsterdive

      Ha! How cute of you to do that 😊 Kingsday is great, right? I definitelly enjoy all the happiness, and music, and food, and madness everywhere. Good luck in your Italian adventure!

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