Weekly Agenda | 9 – 15 Jan

The beginning of any year goes always slow for me. I usually feel spaced out, tired and fat. I got sickish around Christmas, and it took me ages to recover, especially because I didn’t really have the chance to stop until the first days of 2017. To add up to that, it is my habit to hate January ( days are short, it is cold and unbearably grey, – and I usually look as pale as I can be, which for me is *panick*). But!, this year I’m coping. January still is not my month but hey!, we’ll always have yoga. And saunas. And coffee ( thank god).

And what’s on to cheer us up this week? Luckily, LOTS. Don’t forget that every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, obviously.

Mon, 9th, 20.30 | Amsterdam Light Festival | Amsterdam-city

It is the last days of this festival of light installations. For me, the highlight of the whole winter in the city. If you haven’t had the chance to walk on the light-side, do it TODAY.

Tue, 10th, 20.30 | Sontag | Frascati

Theater. “A larger-than-life dreamworld about Susan Sontag”. Naomi Velissariou stages the icons and demons of one of the most influential of American writers and critics, in a Frascati production. The entrance is free for We Are Public membership card holders.

Woe, 11th | Amsterdam 1900 | Stadsarchief

Exhibition. The middle of the week is perfect for museum-visiting. Because the weekend-tourists haven’t yet arrived. Because, by then, we generally can use an inspiration-boost. The Stadsarchief is currently transformed into a time-machine in which you can travel directly to 1900. An unmissable exhibition for the Amsterdam-lover.

Thu, 12th, 22.00 | Latin at Pacific Parc | Pacific Parc – free entrance

Party. Hey, people. What about dancing our winter demons away? Alex Figueira is going to be one of the musicians and djs of the night and that, in itself, is enough to make me attend this latin evening madness.

Fri, 13th, 19.30 | ★ Wild Hearts party ★ | Odessa

Party. I must say I haven’t attended a Wild Hearts Party yet. But the description is inviting ( ★ Consciousness meets Sensuality meets Art ★), and it is something I definitely want to try. If you do it please come share how it went.

Fri, 13th, 20.00 | My True Story | Mezrab – donation based

Storytelling. Is there anybody out there who is still not acquainted with the storytelling evenings at Mezrab? Do a favor to yourself and go. You don’t even need to think about dinner because Mommy-Mezrab is – as always -, making soup for everyone.

Sat, 14th, 11.00 | Single Estate Coffee Roasters: Open Cupping | Wilde Westen

Coffee tasting. If coffee is your thing, do join this open cupping. But please don’t spread the message around. Thanks.

Sat, 14th, 21.00 | Ritmos do Brasil > the Bossa Nova Project | MixTree (OT301)

Music. If you usually read this blog, you already know Brazilian music is my thing. Usually, if there’s Samba, MPB or Bossa Nova, I’ll be there. New concert, same story.

Sun, 15th, 14.00 | Unwanted Presents SWAP PARTY | OCCI

Swap party. Yes, you read it well. This is the opportunity to unclutter and maybe find something which you are actually missing. I used to clothes-swap with my girlfriends, now I’m swapping stuff with the world. Exciting!

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat.


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