I’m a Moving Zebra

Would you like to shoot for Moving Zebra?

Andra didn’t have to repeat the invitation. Shooting with her in the streets of Amsterdam, with ridiculously comfortable cashmere sweaters on: I’m in.

Moving Zebra is a brand dedicated to quality knitwear: special stuff to help you survive the Dutch cold season, to put it simply. Andra wrote a wonderful post about this by the way, and as for the rest, her work speaks for herself. Moreover, she’s one of those friends.

The day of the shoot couldn’t have started in a more traditional way: coffee at Winkel 43 (the famous apple tart had to wait, as there was work to be done). The streets of De Jordaan were awaiting us, with the occasional drizzle, to spice things up. Three girls and a camera. A proper team, thus. Despite harsh weather conditions, the fun. That’s how it works with good people. You go at it but there’s a sense of relaxation and fun to it all. And, more importantly, there is space for everyone’s creative contributions.

2016-nov-amsterdam-moving-zebra-22I’m showing you here my favorite shoots of that early November morning, when I became a moving zebra. We’re starting with an image which warms the cockles of my heart ( isn’t this expression everything?). In case you are the sensitive type, don’t be discouraged by the first photo: everything else stands at the pretty side ( or maybe this is just my ego talking).


You can find Moving Zebra’s website here and their Facebook page here.

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