#SupportYourLocal Amsterdam West x15

In the spirit of supporting local business, today I’m sharing a few small-scale cafes, restaurants and hangouts of choice in Amsterdam West, from which you can order meals, beverages & baked goods.


Here we are: most of us barricaded at home, a few still in denial. While many of us are working from home, others are forced to go out into the world to supply and take care of the first group. Whatever your stance regarding our current covid-19 situation, the reality is that schools, gyms, cafes, and restaurants were forced to close down. That has tremendous consequences for all sorts of small businesses. This list is composed of my favorite HORECA in West, where I live, but there are many many more getting creative and trying to navigate the havoc. Feel free to add your A’dam West suggestions in the comments down below.

Without further ado:


  • ULMUS BAKKERIJ brings their high-quality croissants & sourdough bread to your door (on Wednesday & Saturday). You can also pick up bread at their base at the Espressofabriek (on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) from 10 – 13. While at it, order some coffee beans from ESPRESSOFABRIEK‘s online shop too!

Coffee & cake:

  • BACK TO BLACK has an online store from which you can get all things coffee, including the cutest coffee mugs, tea & homemade granola. Gift cards are available online too.
  • KOFFIE ENDE KOECK has set up a webshop with gift cards for your upcoming vegan treats & lunches. You can also buy Maartje’s most recent book “Taart ende Koeck” or the one she co-athored “Man eat plant” (both in Dutch). Also, I wrote about them here, if you wish to read more.
  • WHITE LABEL has a one-man take-away brewing shop working 9 -14 at the moment. On their website, you can stock up on all things specialty coffee, including reusable cups and their pre-paid coffee cards.
  •  LOT SIXTY ONE‘s webshop is on it too, and I know they’re a big favourite of many Amsterdammers when it comes to coffee beans. Lot is offering free domestic shipping on orders over 15 euros.
  • SELMA’S BAKERY is open for take-away. From coffee to the best cinnamons buns I’ve ever tried, from homemade rye bread to easy lunches (photo on the cover). Give them a call to order beforehand. Buns sell out in the twinkling of an eye.


Vegan burgers at Meatless District
Vegan burgers at Meatless District
  • FLO’S APPETIZING had opened their location at the Jan Pieter Heijestraat just a couple months before the corona crisis. If you love authentic American bagels, make sure to grab a gift card right now.
  • PAZZI makes my pizzas of choice, in Amsterdam. They’re open from 16 – 21 for take-away (call to order beforehand). They deliver via Ubereats.
  • ARTI 2  is my go-to for Surinamese Roti, and they deliver via Thuisbezorgd. Their vegetarian roti versions (with options like tofu, tempeh, eggplant and pumpkin) are legendary.
  • MEATLESS DISTRICT, the vegan restaurant with the most luscious burgers in town, is selling vouchers online.
  • BELLA STORIA is open every day 10 – 22 for take-away oven pizza & traditional Italian meals. They’ll deliver in the Stadsliedenbuurt.
  • LOCAL HERO has set-up a delivery service for easy lunches and dinners, around De Baarsjes neighbourhood. Order via WhatsApp. You can also pick up at the store, along with a warm beverage.
  • LABYRINTH, our soul food / cocktail & poetry venue, has gift vouchers (with funky names!) available online. They’re now hosting their poetry nights online and you can participate too (here’s more info on that).
  • SOIL is also a major vegan fav of mine. They are delivering their seasonal dishes (think bowls, hearty salads & exotic plant-based flavours) via Deliveroo, Thuisbezorgd and UberEats.


  • CAFE GOLDMUND has a deal on their Wijnkameel wines (German wine, not supermarket shizzle) which you can pick up at their location. They’ll deliver if you order a box!

Next week, x15 more Amsterdam small businesses will follow. If you have a venture of your own you could use promotion for, feel free to get in touch.

Please, be mindful that these places are complying with current covid-19 social-distancing guidelines. Go pick up your goods ALONE, and once you’re waiting keep a security distance of 1,5 meters from other people. In fact, keep 1,5 meters distance from others everywhere. Pay by PIN or, even better, pre-pay online. And, yes, disinfecting your hands and surfaces in your home regularly is still a thing. Above all, hang in there. We’re in this together (except the covidiots) and, with a lot of patience, we’re going to make it through to the other side.

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