Dani from Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters Amsterdam

Career transitions and meaningful work: a convo with Lot Sixty One’s head barista Dani

In the second episode of YouTube series “Ana Searches for Meaning” I had a chat with Mr. Bordiniuc about changing careers and the journey he undertook to become a real coffee ‘sommerlier’. All in less than four years.

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Anatomy of a Sunday in Nieuw-West

“Sloterplas? Is that even inside the ring?”. Well, no, in fact it is located at an excruciating distance of thirty minutes bike-ride from the city center, therefore only the bravest of Amsterdammers managed to ever make it there. The reward for these pioneers was of no small-scale: a big lake in the middle of nature which serves as an urban beach as well – a space free of crowds and tourists -; super tasty turkish and surinamese food at the shopping area nearby – at more affordable prices than in the center -; and last but not the least, De Meervaart Theater.

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