An instameet at BAUT

I regularly post about Instameets on Amsterdive’s Instagram account (mostly in stories), but I started to wonder if people even knew what that was. As the name suggests, an instameet is an occasion when people who have an Instagram account get together. I mean, if you’re an intense user of the platform, you have probably heard about these gatherings in the city or country where you live. Every place has its own insta community. But what exactly happens at such an insta meet?

I asked my insta-stories friends if they knew what this exactly was. Half of the people had no idea so I decided to take you, people, along with me to the one I’d attend next. And the next one was at BAUT Amsterdam, a pop-up restaurant or “a moving circus”, as they define themselves. BAUT is not only about food but also about culture. It is the fifth time they move around the city, and now they’re at the Sparndammerbuurt, one of the most unexplored and beautiful boroughs around town.

Instameets were initially organized to enhance a sense of community amongst people with a common hobby. This is what the managers of @igersamsterdam (Instagrammers Amsterdam) did for a while – and I met wonderful partners in crime at their events. Nowadays, different organizations and businesses are organizing instameets as a marketing strategy. For instance, the city’s marketing department, @iamsterdam, does this too. @senns_less, the artist who put together this meet at  BAUT, organizes a lot of such gatherings for museums as well – like this one – something quite common in the Dutch cultural sector.

@ricodissimo_the_beardman posing at BAUT’s patio

Here’s the thing, I’ve opened a YouTube channel and I NEED YOU there. So do hit that button “Subscribe” if you will. ‘Cause that will hit my vlogging motivation and, hopefully, help me create more nonsensical videos about instameets, life revelations, and the wonders of Amsterdam’s everyday life.

Here’s the result of this video graphics attempt, commonly named after “vlog”, which is a word I’m still trying to come to terms with, but anyway. Here it is, I hope it amuses you. Oh, I still need you to subscribe though.

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