Seven days, seven outfits – hello Deepa Paul!

Hello there; the styling squad is back.

Do you remember Seven days, seven outfits – II? By the end of the post, there was a giveaway that my readers could enter. All they had to do was tell us why Linda Nouta,  my stylist friend, should pass by their place, and put together seven new Spring outfits for them. Our dearest Deepa Paul has won her wardrobe-check with some great reasoning. She said:

I’m going to write not just one, but three reasons why Linda should style me. 
1) Because I believe fun and fabulous style should be for every size and shape (curvy size 42 here!)
2) Because I’m secretly fascinated by “Dutch girl” style, and want to know their secret to looking so carelessly cool, with seemingly minimal effort
3) Because this winter has been so goddamned long that I’ve no idea how to dress for spring—help, fresh ideas, please!


That was it. We were in. Somewhere in May, we cycled to her cute place by one of Amsterdam’s well-known canals and we did some wizardry together. Linda styled, Deepa provided coffee, and I photographed. And today I am – finally! – sharing the result with you, fine people.


The scenario in this story is Deepa’s sleeping room, where she has a huge wardrobe full of garments.

Making the most of what we already own is such an important step in getting our lives together. In fact, most of us, being in Deepa’s situation, wouldn’t need to buy any new garment for a few long years. All we need is a little bit of creativity.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
We gathered a bunch of clothes on the bed and started from there. Her dilemma was a recognizable one for many of us: being in possession of so many clothes that one gets lost in options.
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We fell in love with Deepa’s jewelry

Just look at this cool ‘gal. Here’s one of the ‘signature Linda outfits’ I would never come up with myself. She has this talent of putting together seemingly impossible things to combine. Deepa wore this to her trip to Lisbon. Check it out!

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Linda in action

The chill comfy combi that works for any occasion.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
To witness Linda’s creative process and Deepa’s enthusiasm was a very cool experience. Just look at her. She’s pure joy.

Easy outfits for occasions that demand some formality.

These two are my favorite outfits in the series. Classy yet out-of-the-box, and full of character. I also feel that these make Deepa’s personality stand out.

We have experimented with different styles on the same outfits. On the left, she’s ready for the festival season; on the right, she’s ready for any circumstance that requires elegance. And the only thing that has changed was the jacket.

We’ve also experimented with different shoes. Just notice how each option gives a different vibe to this preppy look.

By now you’ve already realized that we got excited and ended up creating a couple more outfit options than expected. Well, Deepa’s weeks are long: she’s a copyrighter & content creator: one of those people with a scary schedule of daily tasks, which include meetings and public events of different sorts. AND she is a mom to a six-year-old, too.

Might you be thinking “Omg, I might not be as cool as Deepa but I sure need help with my closet too!”, then the solution is easy: invest in a couple of hours with a creative stylist. No, you don’t need new clothes which you’ll end up not wearing. No, you don’t need to expand your closet only to get even more overwhelmed by it. No, you don’t need to waste money and resources. You need to slow down with consuming and simply learn to wear what you have. Give it a try. Book Linda.


Thank you Linda for being a great partner-in-crime, thank you Deepa for the trust. Thank you, dear reader, for being here. Now, I hope this inspires you to make seven new outfits out of what you already own!

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2 thoughts on “Seven days, seven outfits – hello Deepa Paul!

  1. @beradadisini

    Hi, Ana! I have been your silent reader and followers for quite some time, but today I decided to leave a comment! 😀 I really love this post; I could imagine how fun it would be to actually spend my days doing this!

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