Aalsmeer: down at a Dutch flower wonderland

Someone pointed out to me a while ago that I have a weird prejudice with liking flowers. You see, I came out as a flower lover during the first lockdown of 2020, but I still had some degree of unease about it. I think that I liked to dislike them with the same conviction that I disliked “Hello, Kittie.” Both are things of the cutesy sort. Flowers are easy to transform into a cliche of femininity or an Instagram-feed commonplace. So, unaware of replacing a cliche with another, I decided: flowers are for seniors. Or for women fond of receiving heart-shaped chocolate boxes on Valentine’s Day. In either case: not me (yet).

I think the pressing question in my mind was, in fact, “Does this means I am old?” I had to come to terms with the fact that 1) yes, I’m getting older – like everyone who lives on this earth – and 2) people change. Tastes, beliefs, boyfriends. Who was that very illuminated person who stated that we only cease to change when we’re dead? Is this even a quote, or am I making it up? Anyway, I changed. And flowers can be rejuvenating. And that’s how I found myself happily accepting Visit Alsmeer’s invitation to – guess what – visit Aalsmeer. I had never heard of the area, shame on me, but I have vowed to explore the Netherlands and take you with me. I had a blast of a day immersed in florals. 

@jan.arsenovic took the pics

At FloriWorld, I let my inner-child run free, as you can see here. This recently opened flower experience center is a recommended pick for anyone with a heart for Instagram for the many photography-worthy moments it offers. Next up, the Flower Art Museum, with its botanical-themed exhibitions and impressive surroundings by the Westeinderplassen, a huge lake overlooked by Aalsmeer’s Water Tower (Watertoren), a 50-meter monument you should climb for breathtaking views over the whole region. Aalsmeer’s Historical Garden (Historische Tuin) was our last stop, and this is a botanical gem where you can learn about the history and practice of local horticulture. One of the most special places I have had the opportunity to visit lately because: All the flowers and plants! Clogs! Flower nurseries! Shrubs of different kinds! Old-school greenhouses! Ancient species you can’t find anywhere else! Noteworthy: you can finish everything off with a picturesque boat ride and cheesecake! Their cafe serves mouth-watering lunches too, as in salads and richly filled broodjes – if you are a foreigner living here, you know that it’s not easy to find proper lunch sandwiches in Dutchland. All I have just stated is conveniently documented in a short but hopefully sweet video. I said sweet, not cutesy — I may like flowers now, but I did not let go of my edgy, so here’s a full-blown botanical explosion.

Disclaimer: this is not sponsored content, however the experiences were courtesy of Visit Aalsmeer.

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2 thoughts on “Aalsmeer: down at a Dutch flower wonderland

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  2. Amsterdamian

    You are officially a senior now 😀
    But leaving the joke aside, flowers are amazing! They are not just another cutesy thing, they are not just for seniors. They are feeding the precious bees and they make this world a bit more beautiful, while also producing some precious oxygen with their leaves. FloriWorld seems like a cute place, I didn’t know about it 🙂

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