3 day-trip to Lisbon quick-guide

Disclaimer: this is a blog about Amsterdam. Nevertheless, a quick-guide to Lisbon has been very requested by friends, over here. Designing a tour of Lisbon is like a dive in my past and in some of my wildest and more beautiful memories. It’s like digging old books about adolescence and young adulthood with all it’s hopes, fires, falls and adventures. I was happy to do it, thus.

That said, a friend of mine just booked a 3 days-trip to Lisbon and i promised him a 3 days quick-guide with the musts, by neigbourhood.  It’s not an extensive guide but everything is doable and should keep one busy for this short-stay, while making sure to properly explore the core of Lisbon.

Let’s go.

  • Avenida da Liberdade (Fancy shopping street)

+ Walk from Praça Marquês do Pombal (square), through Avenida da Liberdade down to Rossio.


  • Rossio (big square, great arquitecture & ginginha – typical liquor)

+ Rossio train station (monument from the XIX century)

+ There’s a fine for travellers who don’t taste our traditional Ginginha (have it at Largo de S. domingos 8)


  • Baixa (historical shopping streets, cafes & restaurants, great arquitecture)

+ Santa Justa lift (go up and visit the amazing Carmo area)

+ MUDE – Museum of Fashion and Design

+ Rua Augusta  and it’s arch in the very end of it which leads to:


  • Praça do Comércio/Terreiro do Paço (huge square & great arquitecture by Tejo river)

+ Tejo river

+ Avenida Ribeira das Naus (to chill/ for a walk in front of the river)


Av. Ribeira das Naus


  • Belém (monuments, big park & Tejo river, “Pastéis de Belém” – Belém’s pastry)

+ Pastéis de Belém (the most famous of Pastéis de Nata)

+ Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (XV/XVI centuries )

+ CCB (Belém Cultural Center) and its gardens

+ Museu Berardo (contemporanian art museum inside of CCB – no entry fee)

+ Padrão dos Descobrimentos (most famous of monuments to honour the portuguese discoveries from the XV and XVI centuries)

+ Torre de Belém (fortified tower for city protection in the XVI century)

+ Tejo river


  • Princípe Real (park, shopping street & gay nightlife)

+ Jardim do Princípe Real (park with restaurant, quiosque and trees as old as your grand-grandparents)

+ Embaixada (palace from the XIX century turned hype place)

+ Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara (viewpoint)


  • Bairro Alto (nightlife & pictoresque day-time | alternative shopping)

+ Miradouro do Adamastor (viewpoint)


Miradouro do Adamastor – the green place you see at the right is called “quiosque” and sells eats and drinks

+ Bars, shops & restaurants

+ Bica street and it’s historical lift (also nightlife scene)


  • Chiado (Shoping street, great arquitecture)

+ Armazéns do Chiado (historical shopping center) – in case you’re meeting someone in Lisbon, do it as a local and set the meet-up in front of it


+ Santini ice-creams (for me, the best in town)

+ “A Brasileira” – historical cafe where you can have a coffee with writer Fernando Pessoa

+ Praça Camões – in case you’re meeting someone in Lisbon in the evening, before dinner or partying, do it as a local and set the meet-up in front of the monument


  • Cais do Sodré (former red light area | nightlife)

+ “Sol e Pesca” for a drink & snacks

+ Once you’re there you can always visit “Pensão Amor”

+ “Music-box” (club – very good music)


  • Castelo (monuments, viewpoint, typical area)

+ Castelo de São Jorge (St. George Castel)

+ Chapitô (cultural center with circus school, bar and restaurant: for drinks, food, a show, a bit of dancing and a breathtaking view)

+ Miradouro de Santa Luzia (viewpoint)

+ Portas do Sol (viewpoint with a restaurant/bar: go for a drink or just enjoy the breathtaking view)


  • Alfama (the most pictoresque Lisbon’s area, Fado neighbourhood)

+ Fado Museum

+ Casas de fado (restaurants where you might have a Fado performance while you have your meal)


  • Graça (viewpoint+esplanade to chill & fleamarket in typical area)


The view from Miradouro da Graça

+ Feira da ladra (fleamarket)

+ Panteão Nacional | Igreja de Santa Engrácia (National Pantheon & church)

+ Miradouro da Graça (viewpoint & esplanade)


For late-night proper clubbing:

  • After exploring the numerous options Bairro Alto, Bica and Cais do Sodré neighbourhoods have to offer, you should take a taxi to Lux (shared ride not really expensive)

+ Lux Club (Santa Apolónia neighbourhood)


Food & drinks:

  • Pastéis de nata (being the most famous of these Pastéis de Belém, which recipe is secret)
  • Coffee (coffee is a national sport and you should drink it as a local: one bica – expresso – with a pastel de nata)
  • Ginginha (liquor which you should try at Rossio’s typical corners)
  • Super Bock or Sagres (national beers | portuguese people are divided into the ones that only drink one of them and the ones who absolutely prefer the other)
  • Red portuguese wine (we have a lot of excellent wine and we absolutely are a wine country)
  • Fish! (save some money and go to a restaurant and have a proper fresh grilled fish meal – it’s actually cheap | i personally love seabass or snook, but if it’s June or July you HAVE to try sardines or horse mackerel | if you want to eat like a native have a vegetable soup first)

Typical: grilled sea bass, boiled carrots, potatoes and turnip greens

  • Bifana no pão (in case you eat meat, you should try our late night meal in a shitty restaurant or snack-bar – a piece of meat inside of a bread: you can’t go more native than this)

Addresses of restaurants (for reccomendable and very affordable typical dishes in the city center – it will get bigger with time)

Solar do Cadete | Rua do Cais do Sodré 2 (the same where i ate the food above)

Toma lá dá cá | Travessa do Sequeiro 38 (right in the middle of Lisbon’s movida)

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