AmsterDiving step 2

You will never feel like a true Amsterdammer until you have your bike stolen.


My first stolen beauty, specially costumised with a white basket, back satchels and blue-dragon-bell

No, not until you experience the anguish of actually having to walk. Or worse: getting a tram. It will be like a feeling of disability as if you had no legs or something. And then looking at everybody else whose lives are still on wheels: fast, happy, determined. What a contrast with your life now, suddenly imprisoned by the slowness of your own body. And then you feel stupid and hopeless and blame yourself for not having locked your baby peoperly and imagine it in the hands of another random person and no!, no, you immediately wipe the image out of your head because it makes you jealous.

Am i describing a heartbreak? Right. You will realize you took it for granted and how much your life depends on it. Worse, you will feel useless without it, searching everywhere like an imbecile, staring at other bikes which look like yours while your last hope is fading away. And then you think you will never find another one which suits you so well as the one gone.



The same loved-one, before white basket, back satchels and blue-dragon-bell.

3 thoughts on “AmsterDiving step 2

  1. Gloria Sun (孙诗嘉)

    This was funny! I can totally understand what that must feel like, but I wouldn’t have thought about that happening to me before 🙂 Also, the entire conception behind your blog is really nice!

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