And then the parties. A necessary evil if you want to get to know Amsterdam.

Evil is a very suitable word for the party i want to introduce here. I got there with an invitation to photograph it but didn’t know what to expect.


Had dressed up accordingly and having into account this was the first party hosted by Circus Hoppa I was not expecting such an arena of creatures. Don’t get me wrong: it was not a matter of undervaluation, but a matter of not knowing Circus Hoppa’s crowd yet. All in all, this was a firstie.






Felt really refreshing not to have fashionable people around or hipsters or wannabes-something or hype music. Just random weirdos and outrageous music. Everything’s so branded nowadays, from businesses to parties, and people, that a slight authenthicity every here and there can only do us good. So now i know what to expect from future parties. And “I think  this will be the beginning of a beautiful frienship”.

If you think this might work for you too, click here: https://www.facebook.com/CircusHoppa?fref=ts

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