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Amsterdam: Take your mom out this Christmas

I have always loved Christmas. I feel it is a time for cosiness and introspection, and so I try to pay special attention to those around me and honour the blessings I receive. It only makes sense to spend Christmas in Amsterdam, for it is here that I feel home.

Some of you might be acquainted with the fact that my mum usually spends Christmas in Amsterdam with me. This year will be an exception. Mum is spending Christmas in the tropics and, oh well, who can blame her? So I will recap some of the things we have done together on Christmasses from previous years so that I both celebrate this lovely lady from whom I got my smile (they say) and hopefully give you some ideas for the following days.

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How movies on monsters are therapeutic

We get into the darkness of the cinema room while a woman on screen is playing a cabaret scene. She is has a red feathered dress on, and moves expressively, in de midst of actors, objects, music, and an attentive audience. She goes on to an acrobatic moment, as another actor pulls her up in the air with a rope. She falls down like a thunder, people scream, but her howl of pain is louder, whilst ininterruptedly cursing the man who let her fall. The opening scene sets the pace and tone of the film: fast and riotous. I instantly knew i would like it.

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