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The girls who make me smile with all my teeth

It was January 2014. From the beginning of that month, I would have to commit to a Dutch language course, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, at a building called De Potgieter, located at a pretty square in Amsterdam West. I had finished a beginner’s course around one year before that. The municipality of Amsterdam, who was paying for my studies, had stated I could not postpone the attendance of the second level anymore. Otherwise, they would stop financing me. Sounded fair. It was a now or never situation, thus. I was hoping it’d work.

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WTF, or how I didn’t get scented candles for my birthday

It took us 15 minutes to order a drink, have it, and get out as fast as we had walked in. That bar was not our cup of tea. Walking out, I noticed something strange with the weight of my bag. I immediately understood what was missing. My laptop. That idea of having the last drink at some random shitty bar in the crowded city center had been VERY UNFORTUNATE.

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