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Surfana festival press day

Ah, the beach life

It was one of those rare summer days in The Netherlands, and my destination was the surf school Rapa Nui in Zandvoort, the most famous beach amongst Amsterdammers. This was the meeting point for the Surfana Festival press day. I had heard a lot of good stories about this event but, as a Southern European, the idea of a surf festival in The Netherlands sounded a bit alien. Therefore I was as curious as it gets to see the festival’s premises and learn what they’re exactly about. Since I’ve recently started writing about sustainability for the Iamsterdam blog, Surfana, in their own words “the most beautiful, full of love, coolest and most sustainable festival of the summer”, was something I had to check out.

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A la playa – a beach day in Zandvoort

I was convinced that in The Netherlands, the “REAL beach day” was a phenomena akin to the descriptions of the Scottish Loch ness. Every time I heard Dutchies telling me how they had gone to the beach the week before, and how lovely it was, I automatically stored that information in my internal box for social maladies. For me such an affirmation, as it being “lekker warm” at a beach over here, belonged to some form of very specific Dutch-collective-delirium which I wouldn’t take seriously because, you know, the lack of sun can have its consequences, and psychological malfunction seemed a very feasible one to me.

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