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Five years, five lessons

Last month, I celebrated five years in my beloved city of Amsterdam. You don’t go past a five year anniversary just like that. After all, this is the longest relationship I have ever been in – and moving here, the best decision of my life. But like in all relationships, you have to work on it because, you guessed it, it doesn’t always come easy. So I figured LIFE LESSONS. Ha! Don’t we all love/hate that? Five years of Amsterdam, five lessons. Here are my two cents on what starting from scratch in a totally new place has taught me, on a spiritual level.

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WTF, or how I didn’t get scented candles for my birthday

It took us 15 minutes to order a drink, have it, and get out as fast as we had walked in. That bar was not our cup of tea. Walking out, I noticed something strange with the weight of my bag. I immediately understood what was missing. My laptop. That idea of having the last drink at some random shitty bar in the crowded city center had been VERY UNFORTUNATE.

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