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Koffie ende Koeck – a litle vegan paradise

The first thing you notice when you come in is this intense smell of cake – grandma style. Second thing: the friendliness of the girl behind the counter. She has a frank and welcoming smile and the very fact she is baking cake makes her adorable. Finally, ( in case you didn’t know it in advance): everything here is vegan. This is like you’re jumping into a witch-free version of Hansel and Gretel’s tale.

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Westerpark – a redemption ‘song’

I didn’t move to the Westerpark all at once. Although I didn’t love the borough, I actually sort of creeped in here. It was the case of a certain someone and me wanting to share a bed repeatedly. And his bed happened to be located at this specific geographical point. It started out with a tooth brush. In time I took with me books, endless amounts of clothes, tax papers, and cats.

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