Blogmas # 3 – Morning pages, un-edited

What I put on paper first thing in the morning can be so raw, so real, and I think that those qualities are what people connect to the most, rather than virtuous writing. Today’s offering is a transcript of my morning pages, the space where the chaotic and silly mind runs free.

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Blogmas # 2: Routine, holy routine

I wake up earlier than usual. My first thoughts race around the commitment I made to post daily for one month, which makes me equal parts thrilled and terrified. Next rumination: another day of obnoxious weather. Still, I scribble three pages each morning, the touchstone of my creative process. Always at the same table, with a coffee on the side and cats in the horizon.

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Top Museums of Amsterdam

Museums of Amsterdam: a compilation for weird times x 12

Gloomy times call for special measures of upliftment. a round-up of the most relevant, intriguing, and History‑rich museums in Amsterdam, the city with the most museums per square meter in the world. Save this post for visits in-person or opt for a virtual tour. In any case, here’s an inspiration boost!

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