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Amsterdam on a budget, for locals and visitors

I’ve written this article upon a special request from Emily Martens, a Magazine Journalism student at the University of Suderland (UK), who’s creating her own project, called ‘Xplore’. Emily invited me to write about places that aren’t typically intended for tourists, that my friends and I would visit. This feels like going ‘back to the roots’ of this blog. I like the idea that I can help younger folks out there make the most of their travelling time. For me, the cliche that states that the best things in life are free lives up to the expectation. This doesn’t come without some creativity at times. That’s when these tips might come in handy. Here’s a little intro, for the ones who are here for the first time…


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That girl who took me to the Amsterdam Fashion Week

Imagine this. You’ve decided you’re moving to another country. You don’t exactly know why you’ve chosen that land, other than it’s widespread reputation for being a good place to live in. You think it’s better to start writing to people prior to your departure. Those people are already living in the country of your choosing, and could hypothetically help you settle. Some of them are friends of friends, others write blogs you like reading. You never met them in person, so it’s basically a shot in the dark. There’s this girl who writes for a fashion platform you came across, and she is based in Amsterdam. You give it a try.

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