When What Where March

Amsterdive’s WHEN WHAT WHERE is back, ladies & gents!

WWW is a cultural agenda focused on art, music, lesser-known cultural venues, sustainability & community events, self-development. With a soft spot for world-music and multicultural events. 

This list is updated weekly, so make sure to follow Amsterdive’s Facebook page for keeping up to date with When it happens, What it is & Where it takes place.
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Weekly agenda | 15th – 21st May

 [The Weekly Agenda is a selection of cultural events for the city of Amsterdam, with an alternative feel. An activity per day, or sometimes two if they can be combined with each other. Every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. For updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page]

Okay. I’ve half an hour to finish this agenda, as I need to cycle afterwards to the work which pays my rent. So here are the events which strike my fancy this week. Might you have any question about any of these, just shoot it in the comments down below, or via Facebook, and I’ll get back to you. This is my way of compensating my readers for the lack of the usual event descriptions. Above all: go explore, and enjoy!

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