Guidelines for collaborations

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First of all, thank you for your interest in working with Amsterdive.

Amsterdive is a personal blog where I write about all things Amsterdam, art & culture, and my experiences as a local / foreigner. I aim at promoting different artistic scene(s),  sustainable ways of living, as well as bringing people together.

As a blogger, it is my responsibility to presenting my audience with reflections and ideas that come from an authentic place. My readers trust me and expect that I curate experiences, initiatives and objects that I consider relevant myself, and of which values align with the philosophy of the blog. That is where my credibility lies.

This means that I am interested in working with organisations or businesses that fall into a combination of the following categories:

  • Eco-friendly businesses with a clear and credible public stance on sustainability
  • Companies that ensure humane and dignified working conditions to their employers, and sell a product that is fairly produced both for the environment and their workers
  • Companies that don’t test on animals
  • Companies who sell vegetarian and vegan products
  • Organisations that focus on self-development, mindfulness, and health from a holistic point of view
  • Entities that promote arts and cultural activities in their various expressions ( I have a personal preference for contemporary art, theatre, performance, world music, smaller and more alternatives venues, Dutch culture)
  • Initiatives that have innovation as their core and people as their focus
  • Companies that are progressive and socially responsible

Examples of organisations and businesses I have collaborated with: museums, yoga schools, vegetarian/vegan restaurants, cultural venues, small-scale festivals and venues with a focus on art and community, fair fashion shops and brands, art galleries.

I will not accept to:

  • Publish content on my blog that I didn’t create myself (unless it is a guest post from an Amsterdive’s contributor or a fellow blogger I am running a partnership with);
  • Create content for commercial companies that don’t align with the guidelines stated above;
  • Vouch for things I didn’t experience myself, that I wouldn’t spend my money on, and that I don’t consider relevant.

Thank you so much for understanding.

This being said, if you have an idea in mind and you feel we would be a good fit for each other, definitely drop me a line. I will get in touch with you asap!

In the meanwhile, you can start by showing me some love by following Amsterdive on its social media channels! 😉

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