When What Where – November

WWW is a cultural agenda focused on art, music, lesser-known cultural venues, sustainability & self-development. With a soft spot for world-music and multicultural events. 

This time we’re doing just a couple of events for November as I’ve been on holiday and intentionally did not take my laptop with me (!) Ain’t I a rebel? We’re aaalmost halfway November but I thought it’d still be worthy to bring you a couple of events that I’m enthusiastic about. Amsterdam can be annoying because its overcrowdedness means a lot of interesting events sell out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. If you’re not a tiger in being in-the-know or super well-connected, you’re doomed to ticket swapping eternally among desperate online consumers who don’t seem to mind overpricing nor have boundaries of time spent on the internet which, for me at least, generates massive irritation and kills the enjoyment of said event in general, and life in particular. Long story short, not including sold out events here. You’re welcome. Feel free to let me (us) know if I forgot any essential for November in the comment section!

14 Nov, True Fashion Talk(show): How to Clean Up a Dirty Industry

A conversation between fashion professionals on how to make sustainable shifts in the industry.

17 Nov, Greek Rebetiko Night with Mále Vráse & Socrates

Urban Greek Folk music concert + the fine tunes of Dj Socrates.

18 Nov, West African Soundscapes at Sexyland

Percussion bands Furake & Guzanghida are playing at Sexyland! The trilogy drums + sexyland + musician friends playing makes this event unmissable for me.

30 Nov, Pan-Amafropeans x MDSoC: DJ Nomad (DE) / Sexyland

Tropical party intended to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of My Daily Shot of Culture.

Until 30 Nov, Marina Abramović: Rising (Eye Xtended VR)

A performance by Marina Abramovic. You can visit the permanent exhibition with the same ticket.

Amsterdam Art Weekend 22-25 Nov

Music + performance + art at 28 different art galleries in town.

Amsterdam Art x ODAM Gallery Night

Music + poetry + art debates + performances for a special edition of the annual gallery night.

This list is updated weekly, so make sure to follow Amsterdive’s Facebook page for keeping up to date with When it happens, What it is & Where it takes place. For videos, take a peek (and subscribe) here.

Also, there will always be I amsterdam ‘s cultural agenda.


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