When What Where – August

WWW is a cultural agenda focused on art, music, lesser-known cultural venues, sustainability & self-development. With a soft spot for world-music and multicultural events. 

This is a shortened version of “Who What Where”. Simply because I need a rest. I am working hard to pay bills that have been piling up and I was getting so stressed out with my estrangled agenda that I’ve decided to take a minimalistic approach to the cultural agenda this month. I hope to have time both to work hard and organize my blogging year – for me, the new year always starts in September, not in January.

Amsterdam almost has an excess of cultural offer, especially in the summer, so I’ve selected just a few events for the rest of the month. I hope this helps you out with the sea of options out there. This being said, if you need an extra suggestion for a specific day, you can always contact me via the comments down below or via e-mail. Juicy stuff, here we go.

Let’s start with what to do TONIGHT:

Aug 7 // Skip The Small Talk – I told you about SO Cards in the previous post. Tonight we will be meeting up to celebrate the achievement on Kickstarter! Check the interview I did with Miguel, the creator of this awesome deck of cards that sparks deeper discussions – it is online on my YouTube channel, – and if you want to subscribe to it, that would be double awesome.

Schermafbeelding 2018-08-07 om 12.14.17.png
the YouTube channel is named after Ana Seas, my online-persona

Not forgetting the yoga:

August 8, 15, 17 & 24 // Sarvanga Summer Boat Nidra Specials  – my friend Cristina is organising a series of Yoga Nidra classes that will balance out your emotional life. If you have no clue what Yoga Nidra is, check this interview I did with Cristina for Tula Amsterdam!

Then move on to art:

from Aug 8 // Exhibition opening: Queer spaces of re-sis-tance – following Pride weekend, the girls at the cultural cafe OKO Melting Point are hosting an exhibition on LGBT issues. I love OKO for all possible reasons and I WILL write about it asap – for now, let me just say this is the perfect place for everything: for coffee, lunch, dinner, for working, reading a book, meeting up with a friend or just cuddle the cat (you know – that cat who always stars on my insta stories).

from Aug 19 // Theater festival De Parade – the most beautiful of festivals. This is both a classic and an unmissable experience. As long as you avoid the weekend (CROWDS!), you’re good. For a taste of the whole thing, check this blog post!

And, obviously, the parties:

Aug 11 & 12 // Planet Oedipus – Music & beer festival – I know you want to dance. Me too. And you will do so while sipping all types of local beer – hello Dutch microbreweries!   Oedipus is at the forefront of the scene, and they sure are the best hosts. As for the music, I’ve mentioned Conjunto Papa Upa on this blog post, and they will be playing on Saturday.

Aug 12 // Baby Burn – picnic with the poets – I wrote about the Burning Man culture a couple of times. I also specifically wrote about the Baby Burn. Come!

Other meaningful stuff to do:

A creative festival: Aug 11 // Bajesdorp Festival 2018

A samba concert: Aug 11 // Pllek Brazilian Beatroots | Roda da Holanda

The outdoor film festival: Aug 15 to 25 // Pluk de Nacht

The ultimate art & culture festival in town: Aug 24 to 26 // Uitmarkt 2018

This list is updated weekly, so make sure to follow Amsterdive’s Facebook page for keeping up to date with When it happens, What it is & Where it takes place. For the city’s cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. 

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