How to spark meaningful conversation with SO Cards


It all started like this. He shuffled up the cards and suggested I picked one. SO… I did. I read the question. I sighed. Here comes a hard one, was the thought that crossed my mind. I wouldn’t have been able to answer this question, in all honesty, ten years ago. Now I know that it’s important that I do. When we’re sincere and open about our struggles, we help others feel less inadequate and less alone. If not for you, do it for them.

A card. A question. Talking anxiety is not my favorite thing. But I told them about anxiety disorder, and about panic episodes, the scariest moments in my entire life. I never wanted to admit to others that fear has been this present in my life. I have been all about owning my vulnerabilities but this… this degree of vulnerability was just too much. You see, I’ve been busy maintaining this persona since I was a child: a fierce girl who has everything under control, the cool girl who wouldn’t bow under difficult circumstances. Until it ceased to make sense. I advocate openness. Why cover it up? We’re all made of flesh and bones, filled with all sorts of thoughts and emotions. We come from the same source, and to it, we shall return. We have so much more in common than the things that set us apart. If I look at it from an objective point of view, sometimes I am fearless, sometimes I am not, which means I’m just as human as the person next to me who, by the way, after my story opened up about depression and about having done therapy for a few years. I did therapy as well – and I can’t recommend it enough. After that, we moved on with the conversation. “What are some common assumptions that people have about you that aren’t necessarily true?” was the question my friend got. The both of us had our picture taken.

Why am I talking about this? Because if it weren’t for So Cards, I would probably not have brought up the subject of mental health. And I’m guessing that this is an important one to talk about, such as all the other 51 questions in this deck. I got so fascinated with the project that I got to interview Miguel Luis, the creator of it. Indeed, that afternoon, that simple question helped to foster a way deeper connection between that small group of people than what’s usual. Thank you for that, Miguel. We have three more days ahead of us to back up this project on Kickstarter. LET’S DO THIS. Also, On Tuesday, August 7,  the Arcade Hotel is hosting a So Cards meet-up “Skip the small talk” at 20.00. If you love getting lost in conversation and So Cards sparked your curiosity, COME!

ALSO: this is a sort of debut for me on YouTube. It’s been years that I’m saying I’m going to do video, so this is a kickstart for me too. SO… would you guys like to up my motivation by subscribing to my YouTube thingy or what? Thanks a million, and I hope you enjoy listening to Miguel as much as I did.

P.S. Can’t get enough of this? Amsterdamian did a great interview on So Cards as well!

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