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When What Where is back with some cultural goodness for the month of May, in Amsterdam. It starts with the celebrations of Liberation Day, which mark the end of German occupation during World War II. This is possibly the most symbolic day in modern Dutch life. This month there are plenty of chances to party in a tropical fashion, but also plenty of events related to sustainability and self-development, themes that are dominant on ‘Amsterdive’. Without further ado, let’s jump into this month’s cultural pool! As usual, let me know your thought on all this and also, feel to add in the comments down below any activity I might have forgotten and that should definitely be included here. Enjoy the Spring! 🌿


Fri, 4, 19.45, Remembrance Day Special / Mezrab – donation based

On May, 5 we celebrate Liberation Day in The Netherlands, therefore Mezrab is hosting an evening of stories dedicated to this theme. This event starts a bit earlier than usual, at 19.45!

Fri, 4, 21.00, Café Claire: MUNGO BUNGO / Claire

A live brass concert with Balkan, Afro, Reggae and Jazz influences. Once in, you’re welcome to stay for the club night with Dan Shake / Tiger & Woods.

Sat, 5, 15.00, Bevrijdingsdag op het Homomonument / Gay Monument (Westerkerk) – free entrance

There’s always a great Liberation Day party at the Gay Monument with a powerful DJ booth and a wonderful “rainbow atmosphere”.

Sat, 5, 15.00, Het Vrije Westen / Westerpark – free entrance

Liberation Day at the Westerpark has become that classic most of us don’t want to miss. There are going to be activities everywhere around the park, including music, exhibitions, a silent disco, you name it. The highlight being “My Baby” who is going to play their mix of blues, dance, funk & soul on the main stage.

Sat, 5, 13.00, Bevrijdingsdub 2018 / NDSM

Whenever there are big festivities in the city, I chose the NDSM to hang because it offers a calmer and more alternative environment. Dub is a music style that developed from Reagge culture so you can expect a lot of peace, love and positive vibes on your Liberation Day.

Sat, 5, 20.30, Pllek Brazilian Beatroots | Roda da Holanda / Pllek – free entrance

The samba band Roda da Holanda is going to warm up our Liberation evening with their swingy hot tunes. They start at 2200, and DJ’s Graham B & Elroyvanderley get the party going afterwards. Expect much fun, but beware of the crowds.

Sun, 6, 9.30 -17.30, Self-Care | with Daria Mnych / Tula Amsterdam

During this one-day workshop, yoga teacher and therapist Daria Mnych is going to introduce you to several aspects of self-care, which focuses on both physical and mental health. By means of self-care one can reduce stress, improve their physical health and overall well-being with relatively low effort.

Sun, 6, 12.00 – 19.00, Vegan Amsterdam Festival / OT301 – free entrance

Food, cooking workshops, lectures, products and merchandise: all cruelty-free. What’s more, there will be live music and DJs.

Sun, 6, 15.00, Choro, Samba with Nilze Carvalho from Brazil / Teatro Munganga

Nilze Carvalho will be filling up our Sunday afternoon with traditional sounds from Brazil: choro, samba and Popular Brazilian Music songs (MPB).


Tue, 16.00, Food Cycle Market / Dokhuis Gallery – free entrance

I’ve written an article for I Amsterdam on food waste and this is one of the initiatives I’ve mentioned – a food rescue market where you can get your groceries on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

9 – 13 May, Het Weekend van de Rollende Keukens / Westerpark – free entrance

Rollende Keukens, the festival that set a trend on finger food festivals in Amsterdam. I still remember it being awesome and slightly hippie, but I also remember it becoming horribly busy in the latest years. I hope this year just the first applies.  Also, good to know:

– Buy the glasses once – Glasses get cleaned whenever you order another drink – Take them home with you as a souvenir

Wed, 9, 18.30 – 21.30, How to enjoy work and make the right decisions / KeenFolk – free entrance

Marita de Bondt is a coach I met at SHFT Happens, and the feeling of realness I had when having a coaching session with her makes me want to share anything she might be doing. Here’s what she says about this talk: “Did you know that your body knows eight times faster than your head if a situation is good for you or no? To recognize which of the options is the right options for you, you have to listen to your body first and then make a decision with your head. So first feel, then decide. In this workshop, I will give you tools that will help you feel your boundaries and will give you access to your bodies opinion about choices you have to make.”

Fri, 11, 22.00, The Afro Latin Connection / Roest – free entrance

DJ Funky Music Machine and DJ Guzz will make us afro-latin together and that will mean a lot of tropical dancing. Whatever that means.

Sat, 12, 24H Oost / East Amsterdam – free entrance

24 hours of celebrating the neighbourhoods on the east side of town is always an invitation to eat loads, drink proportionately, dance to live bands and DJ tunes, get acquainted with new initiatives in ‘da hood, and basically do all of it outside, and among your neighbours.

Sat, 12, 13.00, Tropikali Festival / Noorderlicht

Tropikali is a new festival of tropical flavours. Expect tropical grooves, Balkan beats and the likes, and bubblegum pop with a Eurovision touch – this is quite literal as they will live broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest during the event.


Mon, 14, 18.30, Wasteless Culture Monday / Dokhuis Galerie – free entrance

I’ve written an article for I Amsterdam on food waste and this is one of the initiatives I’ve mentioned – a plant-based food rescue community dinner will be the excuse to share ideas. This week Félix Künzer, lobbyist, will be talking about nuclear disarmament.

Wed, 16, 19.00, Greendoc: More than honey / Metabolic Lab (De Ceuvel) – free entrance (donation based)

The sustainability boat Metabolic Lab & the biological food cooperative Odin organize the screening of the documentary “More than honey” about the honey industry and why honeybees are under threat of extinction. The film is going to be presented by Jos Willemse (Odin) and Tom van de Beek (De Pollinators).

Fri, 19, 11.00 – 16.00, De Wasstraat #5: Kledingruil Extravaganza / De Ceuvel – free entrance

A clothing swap extravaganza. Bring at least three pieces of clothing and a maximum of seven, including shoes and bags/purses. They should be washed and in perfect condition. Then you get a voucher at the entrance which allows you to choose a certain number of items. Have fun!

Sat, 19, 22.00, Vintage Voudou ★ Conjunto Papa Upa / Mezrab

Conjunto Papa Upa is back for another evening of cumbia inspired madness and you might know them from the blog already. Conjunto starts at 23.00 and after that DJs from the label, Vintage Voudou are going to work their magic on the dancefloor.

Sun, 20, 14.00, Kwaku Summer Festival Downtown / Vondelpark Openluchttheater – free entrance

This is the warm-up for the big Kwaku that takes place in Zuid-Oost in July and August. But for now, go taste the Caribbean, Antillian, Surinamese and Javanese delicacies and dance your ass off (pardon my French) to music as flavoured as the food.

Sun, 20, 15.00, Roda De Samba junto com o Leandro Diaz / Café São Paulo – free entrance

If you’ve ever heard of Roda de Samba you won’t want t miss this one at this authentic Brazilian venue in Amsterdam, Café São Paulo, with a special guest from Brazil, the musician Leandro Diaz.


Tue, 22, 20.00, Tegenlicht Meet Up | Reizen is het nieuwe roken / Pakhuis de Zwijger – free entrance

“Travelling is the new smoking” – why? you ask. Well, the simplistic answer is because the way that we do it tremendously taxes the environment as well as specific communities. If you want to go deeper into the subject and you can understand Dutch, Pakhuis de Zwijger is the place to be tonight.

Sat, 26, 12.00, Make The World Great Again Festival 2018 / De Ceuvel

A festival fully dedicated to making the world a better place. There will be workshops on subjects like food, energy, career and inner world. In short, all-things sustainability. Here you have the opportunity to shift your lifestyle in a way to make of you the new Mr / Mrs Sustainable.

Sun, 27, 13.30, Summer Breeze Latin Festival / Vondelpark Openluchttheater – free entrance

Traditionally, Summer Breeze takes place at the Westergasterras but this one party is the kick-off for Vondelpark’s open-air theatre season! And old-school latin dance party where everyone dances, with workshops, live acts and sessions of salsa, bachata, kizomba and the sorts. Nothing short of exciting.

Sun, 27, 15.00, Trashlesstival / Buurboerderij – donation based


at the Buurtboerderij


Let’s party with trash! Today, the cosiest little farm in Amsterdam is hosting a festival to raise awareness – on a playful manner – on pollution. Therefore, we are going to play games, use trash to create art, watch a documentary (at 19.30), sing by the campfire, dance to the DJ tunes and, of course, eat (you can reserve your meal in advance). Kid-friendly event!

Thu, 31, 19.00, Summer Breeze Latin Night at Westergasterras – Kick off 2018 / Westergasterras – free until 20.30

Are you passionate about Latin dances? Then this is your jam! You can free dance here and follow workshops for beginners or advanced dancers on sala, zouk, bachata and kizomba. The atmosphere is über gezellig, I can assure you. This year the entrance will cost 5 euro from 20.30 onwards.

WWW is a cultural agenda focused on art, music, lesser-known cultural venues, sustainability & community events, self-development. With a soft spot for world-music and multicultural events. 

This list is updated weekly, so make sure to follow Amsterdive’s Facebook page for keeping up to date with When it happens, What it is & Where it takes place. For the city’s cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. 

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