Welcome to the first 2018’s WHEN WHAT WHERE, ladies & gents!

WWW is a cultural agenda focused on art, music, lesser-known cultural venues, sustainability & community events, self-development. With a soft spot for world-music and multicultural events.

This list is updated weekly, so make sure to follow Amsterdive’s Facebook page for keeping up to date. 

Fri 5, Sat 6, Sun 7, canals of Amsterdam
Don’t forget that you have until the 7th to wonder at the LIGHT INSTALLATIONS across the entire city (I’m doing my tour tonight!)
Amsterdam Light Festival

Fri 5, 20.30, Musiekgebouw aan t’Ij
CONCERT with audiovisual shows – free entrance with a  We Are Public pass
Fiber x The Rest is Noise

Fri 5, 23.00, Pacific Parc
Mix van Afro, Disco, Hip Hop, Funk and electronic darkness!
Friday Night w/ Sonny and Edgar

Sat 6 & 7 Sun, 09.00 – 17.00, NDSM
The biggest FLEA-MARKET in Europe is back
IJ-Hallen 6 en 7 januari

Once upon a time I sold stuff at the Ij Hallen. That’s right, I did love it.

Sat 6, 23.00, Canvas
CLUBBING night with “psycho tropical” duo Pål /Secam
Canvas Nacht w/ Pål & Secam

Sun 7, 16.00, Noorderlicht
The famous JAM SESSION at my fave venue at the NDSM + beer tasting
Amsterjam 4 jaar!

Mon 8, 20.00, Pakhuis de Zwijger
In this TALK, Kate Raworth presents us the economic model for the 21st century
Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics

Mon 8 & Tue 9, 20.00, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
You’ve been searching for THEATRE in English? Check this out:
The Ingenious Mind at the Stadsschouwburg

Wed 10, 17.00, OKO Cultural Melting Pot
Go DRAW in good company at the cosiest cultural cafe in town
Drawing Evening with coffee & good tunes

The lovely OKO Cultural Melting Pot

Wed 10, 19.30, Pakhuis de Zwijger
TALK about the key principle of circular economy
All waste is a resource

Thu 11, 19.30, Dokhuis Galerie
Art + LIVE SET + the best vegan food
Dokhuis Galerie presents: Pedro Kastelijns

Fri 12, 20.00, Boekhandel van Rossum
In need of some inspiration? Here’s a poetry + fiction READING
Winter Reading

Sat 13, 13.00, United POP Amsterdam
Acting – Freedom and Focus
Music Design – The Power of Sampling
Journalism – Content Writing
Film – Introduction to Film Making
Fashion: Unlimited Silhouettes
Hair and Make-Up

Sat 13, 19.30, Sexyland
SEXYLAND is that venue at the NDSM which hosted a different concept every evening
Finale: Best of Sexyland 2017

Sun 14, 16.00, Checkpoint Charlie
Cosy samba CONCERT
Clube do Samba at Checkpoint Charlie with Gallotti

Tue 16, 20.00, Stadsschouwburg
DANCE show about Europe – free entrance with We Are Public
Europium | RootlessRoot

Wed 17, 20.15, Tula Bos en Lommer
New Moon Meditation


Thu 18, 21.00, De Ruimte
Live CONCERT up at the Verkeerstoren
Monocroma + Neo Paganos

Fri 19, 20.00, Mezrab
STORYTELLING. The name says it all.
The Original Mezrab Storytelling Night

Fri 19, 22.00, Roest
Who’s not in need of some AFRO LATIN tunes?
The Afro Latin Connection

Tue 23, 22.00, The Uitkijk
This was the first Iranian FILM to win an Oscar – free entrance with We Are Public
A Separation (Asghar Farhardi)

Wed 24, 18.00, Oedipus Brewery
A DOCUMENTARY about the wild-life in Amsterdam
Pre-screening: De Wilde Stad

The Oedipus Brewery seen from above

Fri 26, 22.00, OT301
This one is a DANCE until you drop sort of event
Exploder Sound *African Underground* at OT301

Sun 28, 14.00, Café de Ceuvel
CLOTHES SWAP at the most sustainable cafe from Amsterdam!
De Wasstraat #4: Kledingruil Wintereditie

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