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When What Where December + gifts

T W O  I N  O N E

This month’s When What Where comes later than usual but it brings a bonus. It is a two in one, like the shampoos of the 90’s, hitting two targets in one shot: cultural events and Christmas gifts.

Let’s see. If you’re reading this right now chances are you want to give a boost to the culture explorer in you. And you came to the right place because one of the missions of this blog is helping you on that. So here’s the one (and only) tip I am giving you today: prepare the environment in a discreet but deliberate manner. The strategy behind it is quite simple: you will be much more prone to get out of the house, face the cold, and head to the closest theatre if the people around are into the same thing. That’s called osmosis. Our environment has a massive influence in what we do, so my thing is modulating the environment so that it serves my needs. Instead of complaining that we have none to share the love of contemporary art with, it is a smarter move to create the conditions for the love of contemporary art to grow on those around us. One just needs to plant the seed. How? – you ask. The answer is a cultural subscription, my friend. A cultural subscription which you are, very generously, going to supply your friend with, for Christmas. The way these memberships work is genius. You pay a monthly fee and you get a membership card. Then you can attend a full month of events, free of charge. This way you have the best of all worlds: you spend a residual amount per month on culture and you have a program for every day of your existence (I live in the hyperbole world). I’m going to give you a few options, all of them being great ammunition to explore the cultural geography in Amsterdam. Most of these websites have a special section for gifts so the process couldn’t be easier.


G I F T  O P T I O N S


Let’s say you want to infect your friends with your love of cinema. In this case, Cineville should be your weapon of choice. It allows you daily access to art-house movie theatres around the whole of The Netherlands for 19,95/month. Here’s the direct link for you to order it as a gift (click in the Doe een Cinevillepas cadeau! section).


(website in English)

If you think there’s more to life than cinema, and you like to be up to date with, basically, *everything*, We Are Public is your baby. I talk and write about them often. Their offer is unbelievable: theatre, performance, visual arts, exhibitions, talks, music, opera, cinema, and so on. All of this for 15,00/month (you read it well). Here’s the direct link to gift it to your friend.


(website in English)

If you’re into cutting-edge music and clubbing: you will be home at Subbacultcha. You get to be a participant in the “new music scene” of Amsterdam as it unfolds, plus explore all the cool AND underground venues of the city. The damage is 8,00/month (!). This is the link for you to make your friend part of this fast-forward community. Oh, and if you join them now, they’ll give you the month of December for free.


This is the only one of the four memberships that work on a yearly basis. If your favourite thing is an afternoon spent at the museum, know that this 59,90 card gives you unlimited access to more than 400 museums in the whole of The Netherlands for the year to come. So go on and purchase a Museum Card for your loved one. Here’s the link for you to complete this mission.


S E T  A  D A T E

When your chosen gift box arrives, all you need to do is add a date for the first event you are attending together with your person. Believe me when I say this step is an important part of the kick-start of your plan. You want to make the most of *Christmas-present-enthusiasm* and ride over the incoming wave of let’s make next year memorable. Don’t forget to order a membership card to yourself as well (I know it’s obvious but if you’re anything like me you could – I don’t know – forget the one crucial detail that makes everything work).

Y O U R  F I R S T  O U T I N G aka W H E N  W H A T  W H E R E


December 12 (and January 9), 22.00, Le Passé | De Uitkijk
To be totally honest my first motivation to watch this movie is Tahar Rahim, who I’m in love with since “Un Prophèt”. I am a sucker for a good French drama, and this one has the signature of Iranian director Asghar Farhardi, whose work has been receiving universal acclaim from the critique. Other than that, “Le Passé” is a movie in which the actor’s work is at its core, as are all my favourites.


December 15, 19.00, L.A.N. Party | De School
The annual Subbacultcha party has become a mark in the Dutch new music scene. Musicians and creatives from all around the country are coming together to De School to showcase the most exciting initiatives around and stimulate the Local Area Network. I have counted 25 performances in their program for the evening (!)

These guys at Subbacultcha even issue a quarterly magazine which you get for free with your membership

We Are Public

December 24, 22.00, Klassiek in de Loods | Camerata RCO | Zuiveringshaal Westergasfabriek
Spending Christmas in Amsterdam? I can’t think of a more Christmassy-cool program than listening to a classical concert by the Camerata RCO at the industrial hall of the Westergasterrein. Can you imagine the impact? The tickets are sold out for We Are Public members but I’ll keep on checking the website, in the hopes of a last-minute cancellation.

Museum Card

The museum card gives you tons of options, and the cool thing, you can travel around the country and spend *zero* on museums. In Amsterdam alone, the possibilities are immense. I still have to go see the exhibition We have a dream at the Nieuwekerk, about three icons of world peace (Mandela, Gandhi and Luther King), and the Christian Boltanski’s Na, at the Oude Kerk, a series of monumental installations on the question of what happens next – after our life comes to an end.

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