When | What | Where November

Amsterdive’s cultural agenda WHEN | WHAT | WHERE was taken over by aliens!
(well, not, but almost)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I’m delighted to present you a cultural agenda for November curated by a handful of my favorite fellow bloggers (and instabloggers)! Andra Stefan from Amsterdamming, Carole Rey from Good Enough Darling, Dana Marin from Amsterdamian, Dani Bordiniuc from Coffee & Stories, Deepa Paul from Instagrambloggers, and, last but certainly not the least, Jan Arsenovic from Jan in Amsterdam, all accepted my invitation to participate in the Blogger’s Edition of When | What | Where! 💥

It feels AMAZING to have these fine creatives onboard with me. You might know some of them already. They’ve been commitedely documenting and creating content about Amsterdam and The Netherlands by means of articles, photography, video, even books (!). So this is my present for you, guys (better said – our present). After all, Sinterklaas is just around the corner. Make sure to visit the blogs of these marvellous six and check out what they’ve been up to.

With no further ado, let’s take a look at what is getting this team excited for the upcoming month!


AdammingANDRA STEFAN is the photographer and writer behind lifestyle blog Amsterdamming. Exchanging Bucharest for Amsterdam, she has been pursuing her two passions – photography and writing – with the aim to document her life in the Netherlands, on the one hand, and to tame her Romanian nostalgia, on the other.

>> CHECK her newest book The Loft on Antillenstraat <<


(2-5 Nov)  

Although I have not taken any art home from the AAF so far, visiting the fair has become a tradition ever since my first years in Amsterdam. A glass of bubbles in hand, I walk       from one gallery to another, gazing at countless photographs, paintings or collages, trying to understand the emotion that caused them and the one they raise in me. I end the tour at the fair’s bookshop from where I purchase a few photobooks to devour in the following days.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
(16-26 Nov)
It has always been reality over fiction for me. Between a novel and a memoir, a movie and a documentary, I choose the latter in a blink of an eye. By the time IDFA comes to town, I am already looking forward to going out and seeing the documentaries previously selected from the extensive programme. This year I am keen on watching a production about the people living along the coast of the Black Sea, a film about the passers-by at Gare du Nord metro stop in Paris, and one signed by a Chinese photographer who filmed and photographed his parents over the span of 30 years with the sole purpose to document their life – “boring, but legendary.”


CaroleRey-2017CAROLE REY is a reality beauty capturer with a warm spot for flowers. Founder of Good Enough Darling, an online magazine on how to embrace life with a burn-out.

>> CHECK her photography on Caroletta’s Treats <<


I discovered the life and artistic journey of Charlotte Salomon via the book of David Foenkinos “Charlotte” and it fascinated me. For the first time her entire work will be displayed in Amsterdam on an exhibition at the Jewish Historical Museum. Go! Go! Go!

On Saturday 18th November, for the photography lovers, the place to be is the Huis Marseille (14.30 and 18.00). Jamie Hawkesworth, photographer, and Nanda Van Den Berg, curator/director will make the presentation of the book ‘Preston Bus Station” and will talk about the making of  “Landscape with Tree” currently displayed in Huis Marseille. Watch out! You have to make a reservation before! 

The Rijksmuseum is always a good idea but what a lot of people tend to forget is that they also have a special place dedicated to photography, the Philips Wing. Photo exhibition “Document Nederland, Statelessness” by Anoek Steketee is on display there. For this exhibition Steketee made portraits of stateless persons of all ages. Truly moving.


23023241_1628411720512210_1576504978_oDANA MARIN is a writer and photographer living and working in Amsterdam. Amsterdamian is all about her journey through Amsterdam, including the people, the streets and all its hidden corners.

>> CHECK her latest Bucket List <<


Outsider Art Museum
Looks like November is a month with a lot of interesting events. I’m planning a visit to the Outsider Art Museum, to see the new exhibition. I like very much the so-called outsider art, extraordinary art made by people who have no previous formal training. It’s really creative and different from what you find in the mainstream galleries.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
Another even I want to attend is the IDFA. An alternative to mass entertainment, as the festival introduces itself, this event features quality films from around the world, about real life and real people, films that make us stop and reflect.

International Storytelling Festival Amsterdam
This will be my first time attending a storytelling event and I’m eager to hear interesting stories, curious to see the modern troubadours.


23134941_10215167873694054_1932626665_oDANI BORDINIUC comes originally from Romania. He lived in Vienna and Brussels before settling in Amsterdam. Used to work in corporate. Now combining his love for marketing and specialty coffee at Coffee & Stories.

>> CHECK his Amsterdam Coffee Guide <<


Sensory Skills Workshop
19 November
This is a coffee related event organized by Farrah Tan from The Daily Grind and hosted at Jose Mollura’s Espresso Bar & Atelier. The workshop will focus on how we perceive aromas, and how coffee from different geographical origins tastes like. I always welcome such opportunities to meet other people in the industry and taste different coffees.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
15 – 26 November
Besides reading books, watching documentaries remains another source for expanding my knowledge. I really enjoy getting to learn new things so that I better understand the world around me. Somehow, I never managed to attend this event in the past so, this year, I won’t miss it.

Amsterdam Light Festival
30 November to 21 January ’18
I enjoy watching the light installments they put out every year. I might take an earlier stroll around the city this year before it gets too crowded with holiday tourists and the last minute Christmas rush.


©Silvia Falcomer
DEEPA PAUL is a freelance copywriter and producer who tends to laugh too loud and take too many pictures. When not in search of the right words for her clients, she can be found Instagramming, drinking too many cocktails and writing about food, lifestyle and travel for Instagrambloggers.

>> CHECK her super Instagram account <<


November 4 (The Hoxton)
November 25 (Hotel Jansen)
I relish a good ceviche, and I love a good pop-up. Sjefietshe combines both in a pop-up ceviche bar, popping up at five of Amsterdam’s hippest small hotels this fall. I’ve been wanting to go since the creative foodies behind Sjefietshe transformed the VIA Amsterdam parking garage into a pop-up seafood bar. If you miss the dates in November, you can catch them at Zoku in December. 

November 11, DOK
Dancing on the beach in November? As long as the beach is covered and heated (which DOK promises it will be), and I don’t have to wear a bikini, I’m down for it! I’ve never been to a silent disco, and I’m looking forward to satisfying my curiosity! 

November 19, Pllek
Art Battle is a live painting event where artists have 20 minutes to create a work of art, with the winner to be chosen by the public. I went to the last Art Battle last summer and it was awesome! The atmosphere is fun and funky, with treats and beats provided by the guys behind Sweet Bob, Amsterdam’s little slice of Brazil on Brouwersgracht.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

JAN ARSENOVIC is a photographer who also helps small businesses leave a good impression on Instagram. He is Jan in Amsterdam, a lover of coffee, cats, cakes, and cinemas.

>> CHECK his blog: (AR-SENO-VICH) <<


The Hmm is a lot like browsing the internet. There can be social issues, researchers trying to figure out why do we act the way we do in the digital age, artists talking about their projects, and random list of funny YouTube channels. It’s visual and quick. This special edition of The Hmmm will take place at the Stadsschouwburg.

Kathy Griffin is an American standup comedian with two Grammies and one Emmy. She will perform in Amsterdam as a part of her first world tour.

Yes, really. I’m still fascinated by Sinterklaas and the whole build-up of the festive spirit. I may or may not also watch the Sinterklaasjournaal.


©Marie-Charlotte Pezé (for A-mag)

Finally, the narrator (yes, me).
I am ANA V. MARTINS, a hybrid between a writer and an actress – content creator species. I’ve been obsessed with this blog for 1,5 years now.


4 November
A night where ALL museums are open for your amusement, with a full program of art, music, talks, djs, parties. The choice is endless. Apparently, I am going to be at Arti et Amicitiae, doing performance stuff for Bel Allard (Dutch spoken). 

18 November
If you follow Amsterdive you might be acquainted with my love for the Burning Man culture. The Decompression is a music, art, and radical self-expression event, aimed at bringing the community together in between burns. Volunteering with us is a great way to experience some awesomness and meet like-minded folks. Participation is the burner middle name so, check on the website how to get involved!

19 November
Such a pressing issue, right? On this workshop, you are going to be provided with thinking tools and stimulated to find your own answers regarding the work that is meaningful to you, and how money stands in the equation. I attended the workshop last month and it has helped me immensely on my work here at Amsterdive (more on this subject on the next blog post). Let me just add that Atanas and Maaike managed to create such an environment of trust and connection that, after just one day, half of the participants have hugged each other goodbye in tears. That says enough, right?

Feel free to give Amsterdive a like on Facebook if you enjoyed this article. Oh, and I have a visual diary on Instagram (and I might or might not post a bunch of non-sense insta stories, too).

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