Amsterdive’s When What Where for October

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WWW is an art, culture & multicultural oriented agenda focused in lesser-known cultural spots, indie & underground venues, not-for-profit initiatives, sustainability & community events, relevant free activities, creative festivals, self-development. With a special focus in world-music. 

This list is updated weekly, so make sure to follow Amsterdive’s Facebook page for keeping up to date. 

Thu 5th, 19.00 | Culture Club | De School

Free entrance for We Are Public members | half price for Amsterdive’s friends

22008415_880040592172691_4210588902927912585_n.jpgArt. Art, music (from classical to techno), theatre, dance, installation, film, you name it. Big names, and upcoming artists altogether at De School. If you are not a We Are Public member but still want to join this it’s-everything-time evening, let me know! Regular ticket costs 15 euros but I can bring friends for half the price. LET’S?

Fri, 6th, 14.00 | Opening | Heden van het slavernijverleden & Fashion Cities Africa | Troppenmuseum – free entrance

Exhibition opening. “The contemporaneity of the colonial past” shows the heritage of slavery and colonialism in The Netherlands. There will be a program with music and spoken word from 14.00 to 16.00. At 20.00 is the opening of “Fashion Cities Africa”, with more music, talks and special guests.

Fri, 6th to Sun, the 8th |NDSM OPEN 2017 10 Years Kunststad | NDSM – free entrance

Art. A 3-day celebration of the 10 years of the Art City NDSM, where you can go discover the art disciplines, artists and their projects in and around the big warehouse / former shipyard which houses the Art City. Check their program!

Fri, 6th, 22.00 | Rock N Roll at Pacific Parc: Lil’ Sal and the Wildtones + DJ’s | Pacific Parc – free entrance until 23.00

Party. Rockabilly at Pacific: a classic of Amsterdam’s nightlife.

Sat, 7th, 09.30 | Meaningful Work and Money |Metabolic Lab – De Ceuvel

The sustainable island De Ceuvel is going to be hosting this workshop.

Workshop. EXCITED FOR THIS! Aren’t we all searching for work which is meaningful yet can pay our bills? How can we contribute to the greater good and still get paid for it? How can we be part of a more sustainable future while doing what we love? This is going to be a journey of self-discovery which will challenge our assumptions about work and money. By the end of the day, you’ll have started your plan of action.

I will be covering this initiative on Amsterdive (stay tuned to Amsterdive’s Fb!), and I’ll be sharing with you all what I’ve learned. Might you be in need of this workshop as well but can’t afford the full price, know that the organisers have reduced fees for students and other scholarships, so that none is left behind. Do get in touch with them!

Sat, 7th, 15.00 | Het Bijna 30 Festijn | Skatecafe – free entrance

Party. Crashing other people’s B-day parties is fun. Especially when we’re invited to do it. These folks are becoming “almost 30”. Let’s go welcome them in style. Or: almost welcome them.

Sat, 7th & Sun, 9th | Weekend van de Wetenschap | NEMO – free entrance

Weekend of Science. This is the opportunity to go explore the science museum for free, with a family-friendly program of workshops and demonstrations, under the theme: “Life in the Universe”.

Sun, 9th | Sustainability in Action | Metabolic Lab – De Ceuvel

Workshop. “Are you passionate about sustainability, but often feeling overwhelmed and powerless? Do you wonder how you can have an impact in your life through your work and support the change we want to see in the world?”. Join. this. workshop.

Mon, 9th, 11.00 | Hot Tub Boat Tours | Amsterdam canals

It’s exactly what you’ve read. And since it’s my birthday I’m contemplating over it.

Mon, 9th, 20.00 | Pop-Up City Meet-Up: The Future of Urban Living | Zoku – free entrance

This is Zoku ❤

Talk. A public meet-up to discuss the future of urban living, with the concept of micro-living in the spotlight, and contributions from urban experts. Dutch spoken.

Wed, 11th, 19.30 | Docu: HUMAN | Pakhuis de Zwijger – free entrance

Documentary. A moving document about what it is that makes us human, binding us together regardless of the place we come from. Make sure to book your seat in advance on the website.

Thu, 12th | Soundciety #5 | Operator (Rotterdam) – free

Talk. Soundciety is a series of conversations on music and how it intersects with society and culture. Based in Amsterdam, the team is travelling to Rotterdam to chat with Adison dos Reis and bring us the best of Cape Verdian grooves. Tune in at

Thu, 12th, 19.00 |Burning Pub Amsterdam| Radion

Burners meet-up. Come meet-up with other burners, share experiences and memories, brainstorm ideas for next month’s Decompression. I’ll be around!

Fri, 13th, 23.00 | Afrolosjes Broko Sessies II | AIR

Party. I have to be honest and say I have never been to any of the Afrolosjes parties but if you are in the clubbing mood plus you like a proper party with hot rhythms, this sounds like something very worth trying.

Sat, 14th, 21.00 | Brasil in the Brewery // Roda da Holanda & friends | Oedipus Brewery – free entrance before 20.00

Roda da Holanda performing at the Noorderlicht

Samba party. I try never to miss a Roda da Holanda gig. Because: SAMBA. It is almost certain that you’ll find me dancing over at this event together with a bunch of friends. Find Wally!

Thu, 12th to Sun, 15th | ADM’s XX Birthday Festival| ADM

Festival. The iconic squatted cultural free space ADM is celebrating 20 years! These guys deserve all the love, especially when they’ve been under so much pressure and threat from authorities who want to get them evicted and replaced by some profitable business. The thing is we need spaces like this in the city. Why? Go see for yourself. There will be a full 3-day program of music, cabaret, and other performances under the theme: “DeGentrification’ : “Countercultural Contestations of Space in the city”.

Sun, 15th, 10.30 | Free Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga | Yoga by Cris – free entrance

Yoga class. You have heard about Ashtanga Yoga but it sounds too intimidating for you? Book your spot in this free class for a flavour of the ashtanga magic.

Sun, 15th, 14.00 | Jazzport Ruigoord | Ruigoord – free entrance

Music. Mabassa blends pop music with Brazilian-African vibes, and they will be playing for us (16.00) at the church of the wonderful hippie village of Ruigoord.

Wed, 18th, 16.00 | ADE Opening Meditation | The Conscious Club

Meditation. “A transformational group meditation that includes visuals, movement, live instruments, guided voice and electronic music.” If you’re into doing Amsterdam Dance Event, you’d better start preparing.

Here are my ADE | Amsterdam Dance Event | suggestions:

Thu, 19th | INI Sessions ADE Edition | Noorderlicht

Fri, 20th | Pan-Amafropeans ADE w ESA, De Los Miedos, Thee J Johanz, Fininho | OT301

Sat, 21st | AFRObeats by ADE Beats | Waterkant

Sat, 28th, 13.00 | Carnival of Oppressed Feelings – free for everyone

Performance walk. “The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings is the final event of a series of workshops and encounters with refugees living at the former Bijlmer Bajes. In this ‘protest’ march, costumes and props will be shown, as a visualized personification of various topics and statements, noticed by Gluklya during her research and conversations with all involved parties. There will be representations of, for example, the system, fears, language barriers and the mental and physical effects of living in a former prison building. (…) “The performance starts at the entrance of the refugee center (AZC Wenckebachweg 48). We march by foot and metro to different parts of the city, where capitalism is very visible and “anxiety” for refugees is felt. The carnival ends at Dam Square, where, Charles Esche, director of the Van Abbemuseum, will present the Refugee Manifesto, commonly written by involved organizations and refugees.”

Sun, 29th | Live Sounday | H/eart.h – free entrance

Concerts. Every last Sunday of the month, vegetarian cafe / restaurant H/eart.h (Albert Cuypstraat) hosts this lovely afternoon gathering, with live music, where you get to know artists from Amsterdam and all-around.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat. Also, make sure to check the We Are Public cultural selection for the month.

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