Weekly agenda | 3rd – 9th Apr

[The Weekly Agenda is a selection of cultural events for the city of Amsterdam, with an alternative feel. An activity per day, or sometimes two if they can be combined with each other. Every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. For updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page]

Dear all,

Did you know that I am collaborating with a local Amsterdam newspaper, and writing cultural agendas for them as well? The Heart of the City ( or Het Hart van de Stad, in Dutch) is a publication which focus in the city center, and aims at stimulating the bonding of citizens to their neighborhood. Furthermore its mission is also one of “connecting residents and visitors in a positive manner”. Cool, hun? This is an online publication as well as a ‘physical’ one, and you can check out its first edition here. There, on page 8, you can find the Dutch version of the agenda, but there’s an English one as well, almost at the end, on page 5 (yes, the newspaper has two covers!). On page 19, one finds my facey + bio on the list of contributors. I’m happy as a clam. Let’s dive together into this week’s menu.

Music | Concerts

Wed, 5th, 21.00 | Jazz at the Mez | Kuhn Fu | Mezrab

Jazz at one of the most multicultural, therefore, most magical venues of the city.

Thu, 6th, 20.00 | Pllek Live Stage | Batuk x Hind Hakki x Sultan Botanico| Pllek

This evening will include South African electronic music (Batuk), a fusion of hip-hop, r&b and soul with a Moroccan touch (Hind Hakki), and an Amsterdam based dj set which dives into 60’s, latin, jazz, reggae, and the sorts (Sultan Botanico).

Fri, 7th, 16.00 | Pan-Amafropeans: well hot in the blue hut! | Sexyland

“A selection of sleazy, dirty and exotic musics”, with a mix of rhythms and beats from around the world. They promise it will be sweaty.

Sat, 8th, 21.00 | Ritmos do Brasil | Mix Tree (OT301)

We cannot miss out on a dose of Brazilian music, can we?

Other events:

Tue, 4th, 19.00 | Boer zoekt Buur met Yvette van Boven | De Ceuvel

Presentation + dinner. De Ceuvel’s farmers market is an initiative in which you order online and pick your food up on Tuesday evening. This time you can meet the farmers, learn about the products and the way they are grown / made, ask questions. There will be dinner + dj, afterwards.

Wed, 6th, 19.30 | Discussion Night: Abortion and Activism | Atria

Discussion. With more and more countries swinging to the right spectrum of politics, we’d better stay sharp when it comes to women’s rights. Tonight the discussion at Atria revolves around abortion and activism.

Wed, 6th, 20.30 | The Turin Horse – Béla Tarr |De Ceuvel

Film (English subtitles). April is the art-house film month at De Ceuvel. This program is kicking off the coming Wednesday with Béla Tarr’s “The Turin Horse”.

Don’t forget that every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, obviously.

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