Weekly agenda | 27th Mar – 5th Apr

The spring is on the corner ( wishful thinking), and the events madness is ON! I usually select one event for each day ( max. two, if they can be combined with each other), but it is getting more and more challenging to select just one option. This weekend is particularly rich in fine concerts, and for this Saturday there are three different things on the menu ( imagine how it will be come summertime!).

Let’s dive into important stuff. Don’t forget that every listed event includes a link to its website, and free events are signaled as well. To get updates please like Amsterdive’s Facebook page. And if you did it already, you have a place in my heart, obviously.

Tue, 28th, 21.00 | Ping Pong & Circus Hoppa | OT 301 – free entrance

Ping pong night. Ping pong used to be a classic Tuesday program for me! Djimbolia’s balkan beats are the good excuse to go back to an evening of beers, good music, and of course, collective ping-pong madness.

Wed, 1st, 20.00 | Westergasfabriek Live | Westergasfabriek – free entrance

Concert. If you didn’t know, now you do. Every Wednesday evening there are live concerts at Pacific Parc and at The Brewerij Troost. At 20:00 Jonathan Dafgård is playing at Troost, and one hour later Suzewind + Circus Rex start their show at Pacific.

Thu, 2nd, 19.30 | Terrakota x Daniel Dzizonu x Mukambo | Pllek

Concerts + dj. The Portuguese band Terrakota is a true icon of my early adulthood, with their afro-cuban rhythms ( amongst others). This is a promise of an evening full of exotic vibes, a real musical trip around the world.

Thu, 2nd, 22.00 | Ritmo Caribeño x Tonto Malembe | Pacific Parc – free entrance

Concerts + dj. My friend Baldomero is going to be playing live with his band Tonto Malembe at our beloved Pacific Parc. Musical menu: Cumbia-Salsa-Bossa-Latin Funk-Reggae-Dance Hall-Afro Latin. Need I say anything else?

Fri, 3rd, 20.00 | Party Voor Verdraagzaamheid | Roest – free entrance

Party. Verdraagzaamheid stands for tolerance. An occasion to celebrate the 180 nationalities present in Amsterdam. Tonight, you are going to listen to a song of every of the 180 countries, and you can help them out with the musical selection. How cool is that?

Sat, 4th, 17.00 | Opening: Ed van der Elsken – Look. Ed! Again | Annet Gelink Gallery – free entrance

Photography. A group of artists selected their favorite pieces of the most iconic of 20th century Dutch photographers. “The ultimate artists pick”, a great complement to the exhibition “Camera in Love”, currently present at Stedelijk Museum.

Sat, 4th, 19.00 | Sterrenkijkavond | Artis – free entrance

Star-watching. During the ‘star-watching day’, you can use the Planetarium telescope at Artis to watch the sky. It is going to be a free entrance event until 18.00.

Sat, 4th, 21.00 | Brasil in the Brewery // Roda da Holanda | Oedipus Brewerij

Samba party. The best Brazilian party in town, with live music by Roda da Holanda. These guys offer us the best occasion to dance the night away, tropical style. And, it all takes place in a brewery, so we won’t be missing out on quality beer.

Sun, 5th, 16.00 | Clube do Samba | Checkpoint Charlie – free entrance

My Christmas afternoon was spent listening to the delicious tunes of Clube do Samba, and the Brazilian music they play is truly heart-warming. This is all you are going to need to have a smooth Sunday afternoon.

For a complete cultural agenda, check the I amsterdam website. For alternative events in the city check radar.squat. Also, make sure to check the We Are Public cultural selection for the month.

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